• They are mature enough.

    The minimum driving age for one to get their license is 16 years old, and I think it's more then fine to stay that way. I think at 16, your average teenager is mature enough to understand the importance and responsibility of getting behind the wheel. Plus they will learn much by the time they are 18.

  • Yes, teens should be allowed to drive a car.

    I believe that teens should be allowed to drive a car as long as they have a license and have completed driver's education. Teens learn responsibility by learning to drive. Cars also give them the independence that so many of them want at this age. They can learn financial responsibilities if they have to contribute to the gas, insurance, etc.

  • Yes, you have to learn sometime.

    Yes, teens should be allowed to drive a car, because they have to learn sooner or later. Teens are dangerous drivers because they are inexperienced, not because they are bad drivers. If the teens are given experience, they can become good drivers. Teens are less of a burden on their parents if they can drive.

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  • NoNoNoNoNo Plz No

    I don’t really care if they should because I ain’t a teen now so. . . I think they should be able to drive. Yup yup yup yupI think they should be able to drive. Yup yup yup yupI think they should be able to drive. Yup yup yup yupI think they should be able to drive. Yup yup yup yup

  • Technology! ! !

    These days, technology features are developing and most of them are for safety. For example, sensors, auto braking, backup cameras, lane detect systems, park assists are really really really helpful for teens, which means there that there is no use to raising the driving age. :-)
    that is my opinion

  • Yes they should be allowed to drive

    At the age of 10 or over kids should be allowed to drive and work with tractors because they know the dangers from about 10 or 11 onwards. They have to learn to drive at a young age. After about 2 years of driving with an adult they should be able to drive in fields by themselves.

  • They should absolutely drive if they want to.

    Driving is a part of becoming an adult. We can't just stop them from growing up because they MIGHT crash into someone. If we're stopping teens from driving because it could be dangerous, then why not stop everyone from driving. In that case, there would be no crashes. But that wouldn't be practical and some people just don't realize that teens need to go to work or to visit friends too. So therefor it isn't our place to tell them they can't drive.

  • Yes teens should be able to drive.

    Teenagers should be able to drive if they get their licence because they will know what the signs mean and know what the speed limit is. And how can the teens cause car crashes if they know how to drive because they have your licences. Some adults might be the ones that causes the car crashes. So teens should drive if they get the drivers licences.

  • Yes they should

    They kill more people than any other age group. They are not really dangerous. They get more distracted than any other age group and also have brains that are not fully developed. Sure, Some teens are good drivers. Most, However, Are not at all and are dangerous to themselves and others.

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  • They are kids!

    Adolescents should not be allowed to get a license at the age of 16 because they are not mature enough. They can break rules thinking it's cool, if they get in an accident then they won't know how to react. They can get influenced by others to do wrong things. And 16 is way too young. What if they're too small to even reach the breaks and stuff?

  • Teenagers are not mature enough

    Teenagers are teenagers. They might think driving is fun and games but when they drink something happens, and they could be killed. More than 5000 teenagers have died in car accidents each year. Is that enough people being killed? For adults it is less likely because they are actually mature enough to drive. Yes i understand SOME teenagers are not as bad but most of them all. They are irresponsible and reckless. Plus it is probably more people getting killed than 5000 because the teenagers might have someone in the car with them so double that equals 1000 people being killed each year. HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT HUH???????

  • They are irresponsible

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  • Should be 21

    Most people aren't mature enough to drive at 21 let alone 16. Most adults have no business behind the wheel of a automobile. Look at how many people can't even drive a Manual transmission.
    Remember there's nothing in the books that gives anybody the right to drive in this country it's a privilege.

  • I get it, it is fun. But would you rather have fun or get injured while trying.

    Teens are not mature yet or responsible. So they should should should get a life e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e ee e e

  • No teens should not drive

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  • Responsibility not an entitlement

    I couldn't wait to turn 16 because I thought that meant freedom and Independence. I pictured myself having a job having a car and being able to go see friends and date and do the things my parents wouldn't let me do. I wanted to be able to go on mini road trips and have long talks with friends, burn through them about the real world. I came from a family where there were no overnight guests and we're more than once friends were sent home because of the conversation topic. When I asked about a license my parents laughed in my face, same with getting a job. I was not to babysit or to offer to do paid housework for others. Their reason for not allowing us to drive was exactly that: too much freedom. They felt, correctly I see now but there was no where we needed to go that they or an approved parent couldn't take us. We also we're not allowed to ride with friends who were driving. If our friends tried to change plans, then our parents were right there to veto it where to make us stop and think about whether it was wise.

    I tried telling them that you could easily get in a situation where you're trapped if you have no vehicle and when I went away to college I immediately made spontaneous decisions and started doing things they wouldn't allow. Typical experimenting but it bit me in the ass. I can see now exactly why they said no to driving. Children of all ages need to show responsibility first. Our parents tested us by eavesdropping on conversations to see if we would stop the conversation if it became inappropriate. I was the one who dropped my voice and got very interested my little siblings were the ones who stepped up to the plate and change the subject. That show with my parents right there I was not very mature. That showed them right there that I would too easily succumb to peer pressure. A child who won't even change the subject over inappropriate conversation is a child who would probably be less than willing to call the parents when somebody's significant other spontaneously shows up and there was no supervision.

    I believe that between 16 and 18 teams need to use that time to get experience driving because when they have another parent in the car with them then hopefully they'll be admonished to pay attention and only go where they need to go when they're driving. Driving needs to be seen as nothing more but one more responsibility and this Freedom should not come until they're 18. My opinion is to give it one more incentive as well, I wish you could make a law that they must complete high school and be 18 or get your GED and be 21.

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