• They are mature enough.

    The minimum driving age for one to get their license is 16 years old, and I think it's more then fine to stay that way. I think at 16, your average teenager is mature enough to understand the importance and responsibility of getting behind the wheel. Plus they will learn much by the time they are 18.

  • Yes, teens should be allowed to drive a car.

    I believe that teens should be allowed to drive a car as long as they have a license and have completed driver's education. Teens learn responsibility by learning to drive. Cars also give them the independence that so many of them want at this age. They can learn financial responsibilities if they have to contribute to the gas, insurance, etc.

  • Yes, you have to learn sometime.

    Yes, teens should be allowed to drive a car, because they have to learn sooner or later. Teens are dangerous drivers because they are inexperienced, not because they are bad drivers. If the teens are given experience, they can become good drivers. Teens are less of a burden on their parents if they can drive.

  • Teens need this

    Teens need to gain their own independence before they leave their parents/guardians house. If they start driving later in life then they won't have someone to properly teach them.

    People think that teens shouldn't drive because they cause most of the car crashes. Although this is true, There is a side that some people don't think about. Teens are more likely to get in a crash because they are new to the experience of driving. If you put a 30-year-old who has never driven before behind the wheel, You would get the same results if you put a teen who has never driven before behind the wheel.

    It is also an inconvenience for the parents/guardians. As your kid grows up into a teen, To an adult, They attend more social events for their school and personal lives. Now, Teens turn to their parents to drive them places because they can't drive yet. They are just going to attend more events as they get older and parents/guardians can't keep up with their lives and their own.

  • You gotta learn sometime

    If not 16 than when do you start. If you start at 20 that people would start saying 20 year olds should not start driving because they are millennials, And then push the driving age back another 10 years and at that point its like why even drive cause people will be mad at the starting age no matter what.

  • Teens should absolutely be given the opportunity at age 16.

    I get it. Everyone knows teens are behind a lot of accidents, It's a scary statistic. Personally - I will not say my age - I'm terrified of learning to drive because of these statistics. But, Tell me, If the driving age is raised to 18 years-old, How much better would the drivers be really? I mean, The student should learn eventually and I'm sure that no one wants to have to depend on their parents for transportation until legally an adult. Driving builds responsibility and independence.

  • It is an appropriate age to start legally driving.

    For this fact is, Although teens are responsible for the majority of the accidents on the road, It is a common thing for teenagers to get their license at the age of 16, In which they have responsibilities and limitations at that age. Until a furthermore notice, At the age of 18, These limitations and responsibilities are simply reprived from these individuals, As they are more aware and cautiousness on the road because of being more education of road safety as well as experience with driving.

  • I tink yes

    So i was listening to gangnam stile and i was havin fun but then my mom walked into my room and then psy said "s*xy lady". She grounded me for a week and now i am sad because i can't go to billy's house to play minecraft and roblox please can someone help me yes i think teens should drive

  • They can driver but they want to drive safe

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  • Teens make up 95% of highway deaths

    Teen are so bad at driving. I really think that they should not drive until they are 21. Teens are so retarded when it comes to driving. In fact, they make up 95% of deaths on the road. All of the people I know who got into accidents where hit by teens. I hate teenagers.

  • It's very dangerous

    I'm 15 and I want to drive but 5 people in PC have died and I got in a big wreck please change it in Georgia I'm begging you make permint 16 license 17 in a half please I'm begging you I want everybody safe my school already has a lot of people who agree #16toyoung + most teens die by car accidents

  • Teens are not mentally mature enough to drive safely and responsibly.

    Recent research shows that the part of the brain that makes decisions and weighs risks is not fully developed until age 20, so 16 year olds are not mature enough to make the important decisions that they will be faced with as a driver. Raising the driving age would create more safety on the road and create less wrecks by teen drivers.

  • Age should be 17

    Teens get into too many accidents. I'm not saying all teens are bad drivers, but the truth is, many of them are bad drivers. Raising the driving age would improve the safety of many people, including teens, children, adults, and older adults. I am 13 years old, and I'm not an expert on this topic, but teens die every day because of an automobile accident.

  • No the driving age should be 18

    The legal age to get your license should be 18. This is to ensure the driver is mature enough and ready to drive. There are too many accidents involving teens on the road today. I would give a permit at 16 and work your way up to full license at 18.

  • The age requirement of a driver's license is sufficient.

    The age required to attain a driver's license within our United States is 16 years. I personally believe this is young enough already; the number of vehicular accidents that involve teens within their initial years of driving is staggering. The attention of teens is already vastly competed for, and adding a vehicle into the equation can warrant a dangerous product.

  • No! They shouldn't be able to drive!

    Some people take longer to mature than others. We already have immature drivers on our roads without 16 year olds on them, The humans mind generally matures at around the age of 25. Some people of all ages above 18 are sometimes immature. Immature drivers can lead to accidents and accidents leads to traffic and even, Possible death. Most car accidents are mostly due to minor mistakes, Such as getting distracted on the phone, Not looking straight or not paying attention to the speed signs. This means that anyone can make these mistakes not just 16 year olds. But since 16 year olds minds haven't fully develop yet, They are even more prone to being distracted by things, More prone to making bad decisions, More prone to end up taking a life away.

  • I think kids shouldnt be allowed to drive

    Kids can be immature and street race. Or could get into accidents. Or they can use it to get inappropriate thing like drugs. They could also get a hold of mommy's grape juice or daddy's weird water and go on a drive with it. They could get hurt or killed or just get in big trouble.

  • Teenagers shouldn't drive

    They aren't fully developed they are prone to accidents and their brains don't fully develop until at least twenty. I can't tell you how many times me and my mom have almost gotten into because a teen wasn't being responsible you can't go down the street without seeing at least one teenager driving insane.

  • Yes they should

    They kill more people than any other age group. They are not really dangerous. They get more distracted than any other age group and also have brains that are not fully developed. Sure, Some teens are good drivers. Most, However, Are not at all and are dangerous to themselves and others.

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