• I think its ok.

    Im 13 and I know im young but I know the dangers to having sex as a teen. But, there are ways to get around those problems. For example, condoms are used to prevent pregnancy or any diseases. Thats what you call SAFE SEX. Which is what we all need to see here. You know, I look at amazingly gorgeous girls in my school. Why? Well because its all NORMAL. Same with girls, you look at guys your type because its human nature!!! So yes I think its safe to say that teens can have sex.

  • Teens love too

    You don't have to be an adult to experience love, or in other words, sex. We are all in this little thing I like to call "life" and in life, sex happens. Might as well get your granny panties out of a bunch and stop making teens see sex as a bad thing. Times are changing and teens change with it. Sex is and should be a natural thing at any appropate age. Including, the teenage years.

  • Yes I do believe this should be true.

    I am a teenager. I'm 16. I highly understand the risks and factors of this action. I do believe that it is a better way to get your "urges " out. Just like in school, I would rather find out if I love someone at a young age, rather than marrying them and finding that out. I'm not saying any guarantees. I'm not saying go all out and have sex 24/7. I'm saying that if you find someone and youve bonded very closely with them, then I believe that you should be able to relieve your urges and experience this. This can also help in a natural way to end or help a relationship. It will end the bad ones, and prosper the good ones.

  • It's part of life and all animals do it early

    Look I know this sounds absurd but really think about what I am trying to get at and say to you!I know we are not animals yet technically we are but I know animals are a lot different from humans but they seem to do so early.Besides its part of life it's prone to happen and we just have to live with it and it's what we are and what we were meant to do in the first place to get our species to spread back in he olden days.Also when they do so they should know what there dealing with and be very careful about what they do and no spread any foolish rumors.People who unknowingly know how to do so will be in deep turmoil.And the age I would set and allow this at is ranging from 16-18

  • OK!!! Yes but no

    First of all they need to use another word instead of "allow" because you can't force people NOT to do something; in the past everyone has experienced if you tell someone NOT to do something they are going to do it anyways. Second, I said yes because of the pervious viewpoint but I honestly don't believe that teens should be having sex. Mostly because sex should be something between two people that truly love each other and I am not talking about, "oh I love you and you love me. I mean something real that you would die for. You should have sex with someone that you have gone through the whole process of planning a wedding, getting the parents permission, going to pre-marriage counseling with and through if you have gone with all that crap and struggle and still say "I DO" then go ahead knock yourself out. But teens having sex honestly in every single relationship I have ever seen where teens have sex in the relationship someone gets emotionally hurt or they get pregnant or have some kind of disease or they just get completely lost. I have never seen one relationship where they have sex and afterward everything is completely and honestly fine and they end up dating until they get married. They always ended up breaking up and always one person, whether it be the girl or guy, generally the girl, regret doing it in the first place.

  • As long as they use protection

    Since this question isn't asking for a specific age, personally, yes, I believe it is not a huge issue for teenagers to begin having sex. Of course, as long as they aware of what they are doing, and using protection. If two young teenager believe they are perfect for each other, then why not?

  • They will whether they're 'allowed' to or not.

    Whether or not teenagers have parental or governmental 'permission' to have sex is absolutely beside the point. If two given teenagers wish to have consenting intercourse with each other, then they will, and it really is as simple as that. No enforceable measures will ever be sufficient to actually prevent them from doing so.

    Now, as to whether or not they have sufficient education and access to birth control to have *safe* sex is another matter. Refusing to allow them access to a basic level of knowledge and medical supplies to ensure that they only have intercourse in a reasonably responsible and mature manner is ridiculous. That simply means that any sex they do end up having will be unsafe and more likely to lead to STD transmission or pregnancy. It won't prevent them from having sex.

  • Though there are dangers, for the most part it is completely fine.

    I won't talk about STDs, pregnancy, emotions, etc. Since teens already never hear the end of that. Anyways, there is nothing wrong with high schoolers/ teenagers having sex. It's pretty much like adult sex, which can also result in STDs/ pregnancy. Teenagers have raving hormones and need to use this as a good way to get their "urges" out.

  • What do you mean "allow"?

    Truth is, between two consenting adolescents, you can't really give them permission because if they want to do it, then they will in secrecy and their parents could never know. Against the other side, sexual intercourse isn't solely for procreation albeit it is used for that. Sexual intercourse is also for pleasure and as long as adolescents practice sex safely (use condoms if they don't want to procreate) then they should go on ahead.

  • What a dumb question.

    How do you plan to stop them? Anyone who asks this probably didn't lose his or her virginity until they were 31, maybe never. Teenage boys are at the peak of their sexuality, so how and why in the world would you want to change nature's course? The question should have been, Does teenage pregnancy ruin your life?

  • A strong NO

    Sex outside marriage is not safe! The child will be forced to live in guilt all the days of his/her life. Children must be given the needed awareness. Sex is not just pleasure. It's something intimate. It's something beautiful. Defiling it will directly ruin the child's life and will have a lot of negative effects.

  • Risks far outweigh the benefits.

    Look at any psychological study at ANYONE who engages in pre-marital sex, and you will see that the staggering majority are riddled with feelings of regret and guilt, as well as many other more serious mental side effects. In fact, engaging in sexual activity before marriage has been statistically proven to make sex less enjoyable. Sex does not determine whether or not you "love" someone, and in reality anyone who has to convince/force someone else to have sex with them cannot possibly love their partner.True love is entirely separate from sex, and teens most certainly should not be engaging in sexual activities until they're legally married.

  • There are many dangers

    Few teenagers are ready for the responsibilities that come with sex. The purpose of sex is to procreate. Even if many precautions are taken there is still a risk of getting pregnant. If the teenager is not ready to be a parent then they are not ready to have sex.

  • I don't think it's good

    We have laws for youth protection .Such as prohibit adults having sex with minors,so why we don't make it illegal too for two consenting minors?It doesn't matter neither the the partner is older or younger than the second person.Sex with a child under age of consent should be illegal,for everyone.

  • No,until they are 18 years old

    Why should children or teen have sex?They aren't mature enough to take the responsibility .Having sex is not only about having fun,it's also there should be love,trust,and honest to the love partner.Teen pregnancy often cause by teens,and this could have an harmful effect to society following leading to abortion,child orphanage,and HIV infection.

  • Teen sex and even sex between in not married adults is WRONG

    Indeed we are animals, but we are created with the strength to not act like one. Humans should stop acting like animals and start behaving like advanced and intellectual beings. Now there are many reasons why teen sex is wrong. We all know that there are STDs and that pregnancies can occur, but those aren't the only things to worry about. People are treating sex like a simple game that one can just play. Sex is a symbol of love and passion. That I see is that teen sex is making the woman inferior. Even nowadays man still sees woman as sex toys. To all ladies I sat this "The only way a man can prove that he loves you is through marriage. When a man asks you to marry you that is the only sign that a man is in love. Remember marriage consists of commitment, struggle and descions. The only reason a man does get married is because of love. Well in conclusion we must not have sex outside of marriage because I will assure you mortality will be missing and also the experience will be weak because there is probably no bond of love.

  • You know the risks.

    Even protection doesn't always protect. There's always that slim, tiny chance of getting pregnant somehow. Even if teens say they feel "ready", or it's because of their hormonal urges, they need to think it through. There's always that chance of regretting something you did, even if they believe they love each other, are perfect for each other, and feel that they are ready, THEY'RE NOT (at times). Who knows what could happen? Don't do something you will probably regret. And the "true love" thing? There are SO many adult couples that get divorced each year, it's nearly unbelievable. I'll say it again: don't do something you might regret!!

  • Just because animals do it doesn't make it right

    Animals also eat their babies and defecate everywhere. Does it make it right for people to do those things? No. Teenagers are too immature to handle the emotions that couple sex. Teenage sex will also be a dullened experience as teenagers will most likely be having sex just for gratification of their private parts. Wait till they are older, they'll have a better experience.

  • They will have to regret if they dont do it with the right person

    I am also a teenager and i have a sweet and caring bf as well but what i feel is that sex means offering something very precious to your partner.So unless you are sure that your partner loves you truely,you shouldnt go for it.If required you may take the advice of your friends.

  • Were a bit too young

    I really think that we should wait until were at least 19, at the least, because it's true. The main outcome of sex is procreation, and if you don't want the risk of having a child at a young age, then you shouldn't tempt fate. And if you do, you have to know that there is a lot of precautions to do it safely and awarely. :)

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ConyThePony says2016-12-29T00:53:08.053
Yes, I think teens should be allowed to have sex, legally speaking. Parents should have the right to ban it in their household specifically, but as far as the law goes, I think it should be legal. That being said, we do need to teach teenagers about safe sex how to prevent STD's and unwanted pregnancy. I also think that we should encourage our children to not have sec until they feel ready. Different people mature at different speeds. I'm only thirteen, but I honestly feel like I'm incredibly mature for my age. I've seen adults who are less mature than me. So legally speaking, I think it should be legal, but parents could still have the option to tell their child they can't if they would like.