Should teens be allowed to obtain birth control without parental consent?

  • From a teen.

    Teen girls don't want to talk to their parents about sex or the idea of birth control because they will think that the parents suspect they're having sex. For me personally, I wouldn't want my mom to know I was having sex at the young age of 16. But nonetheless they need protection so they should be able to obtain birth control without parental consent.

  • I am 15!

    I am 15 and I am sexually active with my fiance! If my mom didn't know I was being sexually active and put me on birth control I would have did it myself if I could have!! Its not a bad thing to be on birth control!! I actually like it! And actually most teens at my school are on it and they are virgins! They are on it because it HELPS regulate your period etc.

  • Waiting until marriage is not perfect for everyone.

    I believe that teens should have access to birth control and condoms. If a teen wants to have sex they should be able to have access to the proper protection without having to tell their parents. Sex is a touchy subject and can be and is extremely awkward. We as parents need to educate our children that they have options and give them the means to use them. When the choice has been made wouldn't you rather your teen be on birth control and using condoms rather than risking it and getting pregnant or obtaining an STD?

  • 16 year old.

    Ok, I am 16 years old. I WAS saving myself until I at ATLEAST turned 18.. But I'm going to be completely honest.. I fell into a lot of peer pressure. I know no one my age that has not had sex. Yes, it may seem awful to the adults today that this is going on & its so common and normal to us.. But its the society that we live in now, and there is really nothing that the parents or the adults can do about it. I mean all my life I was raised to save myself for marriage and to be very religious. But, I felt responsible enough to take on my own decisions. Me and my mom do not have any kind of connection whatsoever and my dad is 10x worse. I finally told my mom that I had sex and she told me in her exact words "I will NOT get you birth control OR buy you condoms because it will NOT happen again." In all honesty I would never tell my child that, and this led me to going to the Health Department to get birth control on my own since my mother did not want to support me. If it was me as a mother, I would rather find out that my daughter was being smart and responsible enough to get protection, than to find out that she is pregnant at a young age.

  • From A TEEN

    Teenage girls should be allowed to get birth control without a parents’ permission, because for starters it reduces the number of teen pregnancies, teens have a safer home life, and shows teens are responsible. According to the article, “Some Basic Truths About Teen Sex”, Teens are less likely to use a condom properly, condom slippage and leakage is higher in younger users and only 38.9% will use a condom. This means if girls were on Birth Control, they would be having safer sex by reducing the chance of getting pregnant. Many teens are afraid of being disowned when parents find out that they are having sex. Most teens don’t want their parents knowing that they are having sex plus some parents will say no to having sex. Most teens are mature enough to take precaution towards having safer sex, they are smart enough to think ahead to get birth control. Though many teens are scared to go to a parent and prefer getting it on their own. The writer of ‘Birth- control access irks conservatives” points out that Family planning groups say that notifying parents would rip away traditional confidentiality of the program

  • Yes, i am a teenager.

    Weren't y'all young once? Life back then is not as different as it is now. Sex is a normal thing. Also, birth control is NOT JUST FOR SEX. It helps control hormones and regulates menstrual cycles. Not to mention you only get your period 4 times a year! Some girls want to get it without parental consent because parents only assume that it is to prevent girls from getting pregnant. I know my mom is against me getting it. But it will benefit young women health wise. Some parents/adults don't recognize that.

  • It's gonna happen...

    If someone is absolutely set on having sex, nothing is going to change that. They're going to do it no matter what. The problem with needing parental consent is that this is a very awkward and scary topic for young people to talk to their parents about. They would probably rather have sex without birth control than have to talk to their parents about it. By allowing teens to obtain birth control without parental consent, it allows for a greater chance of kids actually using it since they won't have to face and talk to their parents about it. And what if their parents say no? It's not going to stop them from having sex but they will not be as safe as they can.

  • YES, they should be allowed

    Teenage girls are talking more and more about sexual activity with their friends, close family or other people they talk to. Its making them want to more and more. If they want to do it then they are going to. Its best to have protection and condoms sometimes dont protect from everything. Birth control can help more protection for the teens. There are other reasons for taking birth control its not just for sexual reasons. It can be to clear acne, sooth the pain of cramps, and birth control can help regulate your period, all while protecting you from getting pregnant.

  • Trust your teens

    A lot of young girls use birth control for other things like controlling there period. I use it for my period and i am still a virgin so it isn't always used for sexual reasons….I think it is okay to have birth control without parent permission if your parents don't trust you enough to believe you are using it for your period then thats them.. Trust your children people if they say there not using it because of sex then it is okay.!

  • It is safe and the teens choice

    If a teenage girl wants to have sex it is her choice no one else can make the choice. Yes sex should be saved until you are older but lets be realistic, teens do not wait. Teens will have sex if they want to with or without consent so they should be allowed birth control so they can have safe sex.

    Posted by: SNM
  • Save it till marriage

    No girl needs to have birth control unless they are having sex. And no girl should be having sex until they are ready to care for a child. You never no what could happen. Sex can ruin a girls life because they never know how they're going to feel until after they actually do it. Sex can ruin anything and everything. Teenagers end up pregnant way before their ready, marriages end because someone cheats on their spouse, and even though its a whole new thing to explore why not wait to explore it with someone you'll be with forever.

  • It Should Not

    Although I hate telling my mom my personal problems if i were to ever take birth control which i wouldn't i would want her to support me. I honestly think if you need birth control you shouldn't even be having sex as simple as that. If your not ready for sex then just wait until your married that way you don't have to worry about getting pregnant. There is always condoms which protect you also from std s which birth control doesn't duh.

  • Sex is for Marriage

    I find it so disturbing that the world has accepted that sex is something everybody does, married or not. God instituted marriage that sex should be enjoyed by each other in marriage, as well as for producing children. Music, books, the internet and magazines all depict so much about sex and how to be sexy by what you wear, what you say, and how you can do it better. Sex is a 'gift' to give each other in marriage. It has become nothing more than just an activity to participate in. Don't you think that the consequences should fit the crime? Many sexual partners=STD's. Unprotected Sex=pregnancy. Why do you think there are consequences? God lets these things happen. Parents need to have these conversations with their children as to WHY they need to wait until marriage. The lack of morals in this society will eventually lead to the destruction of mankind.

  • We can NOT keep taking power away from the parents...

    Parents are losing their ability to parent THEIR children. We can't keep taking that away. If a parent doesn't want their child having sex, than the Government, Planned Parenthood, and liberals can't say otherwise. It's not the Governments job or their right. The parents can not keep losing their ability to raise their kids their way.

  • Kids aren't mature enough.

    Minors say that their parents have no say in their sex life. Who provides for those kids who say their parents have no say? Their PARENTS! Their parents buy them food, clothes, and keep a roof over their heads. If kids are old enough to have sex and take birth control without their parents consent, than they can also pay rent and provide for themselves if they feel like their parents have no say.

  • It is wrong

    Any girl shouldn't have to get birth control because she should not be having sex until she is married. Sex was made for child birth and reproduction so by taking birth control you are violating the main reason sex exists. Yes it is also there for pleasure but only at the right time, so birth control should never be an option.

  • Are you ready?

    If teens believe they are responsible enough to have sex and then they should be responsible enough to talk about contraception with their parents. If a teen doesn't want to talk to their parents about sex then they probably shouldn't engage in it. I'm sixteen years old so its not like I don't see both sides of the debate but the choice is clearly obvious if your under eighteen you should have your parents permission.

  • Think it's a "free pass" to have sex.

    Kids don't know that sex is a scary thing and you could get pregnant, if they think they can get on birth control they may use at as a "free pass" to have sex because they think they wont get pregnant. They also have to realize there are STD's and birth control does not control that.

  • Absolutely not- terrible idea!

    I am a 15 year old girl who is not sexually active, and who doesn't plan to be. Sex is a beautiful action IN MARRIAGE. The only reason I ended up on this page is because I have to go on birth control, but it's for endometriosis. My mother actually is urging me to go on it to help my "disease." (She fully knows and believes that I will not have sex under any circumstances.) I am a junior in high school, and I firmly believe that I am not ready to have sex, nor will I until I am married. So no, girls should not be having sex, nor should we be receiving birth control as a contraception. ESPECIALLY behind parents back.

  • Just be honest.

    If you aren't comfortable talking to your parents about having sex then how can you be comfortable doing it? These are the people that created you and in the end IF you get pregnant you are going to have to answer to them about your sex life anyways. We see it on those shows such as "Teen Mom" and "Juno." Also, if you are getting birth control you are getting it through your parents insurance so everything comes back to them anyways.

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Anonymous says2013-02-15T19:36:33.263
I think that birth controle is ok for a teen girl to get. Even if the parent does not know. It showes responsibility.
Anonymous says2013-03-08T19:43:29.720
im going to say no teens should not have permission from their parents because i knnow im a teen myself , and i think that we are just trying to be safe about it and if we go to our parents their going to make a big deal n say we are,
Anonymous says2013-04-08T23:39:49.070
I was a young teen mother who was too scared to tell her mother that she was having intercourse. Having my daughter at 16 was the scariest thing I have ever encountered. I was not prepared and I missed out on my future by my choices. I am now 27 and I think if young women can decide that they are ready to have intercourse then they are able to decide if they need birth control with out my permission. My daughter is 10 going on 33 and we talk openly about any and everything because I want her to know she can come to me about anything. What is the difference when the Sex Ed teachers pass out condoms at school?
Anonymous says2013-05-09T17:02:34.387
Girls should be able to get birth control without a parents consent... They sell condoms to teen boys all the time. I used to buy em all the time in 8th grade
Anonymous says2013-07-16T09:05:42.180
Although I am not having sex anytime soon (I am mentally not ready for it) I want my options. A parent needs to be able to talk with their kid about a sex life. What's the difference in handing out condoms? You need to be safe if you're going to do it.