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Posted by: turdnuggets

Teens are not adults

  Sex is a means of reproduction, not something to play around with. Teenagers are not ready to support a child, and teens are still in high school. Even if teens were to do it for pleasure, teens do not know about protection as much as an adult does, someone who has more experience with life. Not all states require sex-ed, so no. Teens shouldn't be able to have sex.
Debatwinnerpro says2018-01-25T03:31:53.697
You liked your own answer xD ALSO, they most definitely do...
IchBinEinJellyDonut says2018-01-25T21:44:51.633
Debatwinnerpro you like your own comment you assbag
Debatwinnerpro says2018-01-25T21:52:26.857
I unliked it yesterday LOL
ProfessorBacon says2018-01-26T02:52:32.773
I didn't like my own comment. Besides, who names themselves "Debatwinnerpro" You have only won 1 debate, and you didn't even spell debate right. You must be about five or six.
Debatwinnerpro says2018-01-26T18:03:09.653
I purposefully spelled it wrong
Debatwinnerpro says2018-01-26T18:04:54.193
Everyone forfeits my debates cause they know im right and they d ont wanna lose
Debatwinnerpro says2018-01-26T18:05:00.620
Everyone forfeits my debates cause they know im right and they dont wanna lose
Debatwinnerpro says2018-01-26T23:12:37.653
Im a virgin.. And havent taken sex-ed... I EVEN I KNOW ABOUT CONDOMS, extra thick condoms (last longer), and contraceptives
you people underestimate young people.
ProfessorBacon says2018-01-27T04:09:30.567
Dude, your too young to be on the internet.
ProfessorBacon says2018-01-27T04:10:57.927
I'm actually a minor, so I would be underestimating myself. I just put 100 for age because it wouldn't let me hide my real age.
Debatwinnerpro says2018-01-29T19:06:53.853
But wait... YOU KNOW ABOUT CONDOMS! Thats dumb XD
Debatwinnerpro says2018-01-29T19:12:53.173
Also, sex is not just a means of reproduction! The bible is FOR sex (with your wife, of course) just for pleasure...
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