• Yes they should

    Everyones going to do it at one point so why not let them do it now. Its fun and exercising and if their going to do it then they obviously know the precautions of it, their smarter than you think. They know to wear a condom when their having sex.

  • Yes yes yes

    If a teen wants to do it... Then let em! ALL teens are going to do it anyways, so banning it is retarded. Its healthy, it cant hurt, and it dumb to regulate this shit. Adults do it ALL THE TIME, why not us? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • Why not lol

    If they are responsible then let them, I don't see why they wouldn't need to if they really want too. It would be comparable to the retraction of net neutrally as something that didn't need to happen but still did because (why not) if they are responsible then let them.

  • Government overextension is not correct.

    1. It would be impossible to enforce. The government would have a very difficult time enforcing a teenage sex ban. Furthermore, "teenager" includes 18 and 19 who can be college students further decreasing the feasibility of enforcing the law.

    2. The Government has no business stepping into the home and overriding parental authority. If the parents are fine with it then it's not the government's place to step in since if done correctly the risk of societal damage is minimal. In the end, it needs to be up to the parents to educate and regulate their children.

  • It's the parent's decision.

    As a teenager, I personally do not want to engage in any sexual activity because I do not want to risk having a baby. But I think if a teenager wants to have sex, it should be the parent's decision. And if the parent allows the teenager to have sex, then they should ensure that the sex is being done safely.

  • Yes i think they can... But

    I think teenagers could have sex in a responsible way. But I'm thinking of the 17 years to 18 years old. 13 to 16 is just a little to young. Plus you have to think of the law. Because if you 19 years old and thinking about having sex with a 16 or 17 year old. You would be put in jail. So it varies on ages.... But if a 17 year old with a 17 year old i guess it would work... It just depends on age....

  • They'll do it anyway

    I'm 16, and let me tell you, the government isn't going to stop teenagers from having sex. While having sex as a teen isn't always a good idea, because teenagers are often irresponsible, they should still be allowed to do it. If you make having sex as a teen illegal, then not only will teenagers have sex, they will also break the law.

  • If a teen has the proper education and believes having sex is right, then we must take a step back.

    While I do not favor this, it is only fair and just. We as human beings must accept that people have free will- it is their choice and only their choice to commit themselves to sex if they are properly educated on the consequences. In other words, they will know with proper education what they are committing themselves to. Sure, we don't have to support the teen having sex and their consequences, but it is our responsibility to let them decide.

    Thanks everyone, have a great week, and feel free to message or challenge me for all those who oppose- who knows? Maybe we can Negotiate...

  • Let them do a do

    Why not let the kiddos do a do? I do the dirty constantly so why not? I'm 16 and I'm not a father so I mean.
    I think as long as the teens are responsible they should definitely be allowed to have sex. I've already made sure that me and my girlfriend are mature and responsible enough not to conceive a child

  • Yes they should.

    Teens should be allowed to have sex and they should be given condoms as well. They should be supported by parents and be able to have sex in the safety of their home. The last thing you want is for them to be on the streets. It is natural for teens to experiment.

  • Teens are not adults

    Sex is a means of reproduction, not something to play around with. Teenagers are not ready to support a child, and teens are still in high school. Even if teens were to do it for pleasure, teens do not know about protection as much as an adult does, someone who has more experience with life. Not all states require sex-ed, so no. Teens shouldn't be able to have sex.

  • Social vs. Political

    On a social, not a political level, no. Teens tend to not take precaution when having sex, meaning that they most likely will get pregnant. They will not want to keep it and eventually get an abortion, which needs to be stopped. Teens are not a mental state in their lives to have children.

  • What the hell?

    This is taking pedophilia to a new level. I give it a week before we start hearing "it's not harmful" and "they'll do it anyway". So before that happens:

    Yes, it is. Every major study done on this shows that promiscuity leads to an unhappy sex life in the future. Not only that, most of your "good boys" and "good girls" do NOT want someone who has been AT ALL sexually active in the past. For those wondering where the good girls and guys went, they left when you started sleeping around.

    I like to call that bad parenting. Believe it or not many people make it to adulthood before sex (that INCLUDES oral, anal, handjobs, and homosexual activity). To say that because your teen may do it anyway they should be allowed to is making excuses for your awful parenting.

  • Teenagers are irresponsible

    I am a teenager and I think that teens shouldn't be able to participate in sexual activity. We are irresponsible and that is the cause of teenage pregnancy and teens cant raise a child. We should wait till we are older. Also teens take advantage of it instead of being a intimate thing between two people that love each other it has become a sport for teens

  • You spelled allowed wrong.

    You put 'Should teens be aloud to have sex?' I believe that they should not be 'aloud' to have sex. But they should be allowed to have sex. As teenagers, they're old enough to do what they want, whether they have repercussions afterwards is up to what they do. Basically, if they want to have sex as teenagers, go for it, just be aware that it could end very badly.

  • Depends on age

    Depends what we mean by "teens"? Older teens can (in most countries) and i see no reason why they shouldn't. But younger teens, its a different matter. In any case the question is irrelevant because most countires in the world have an age of consent. There is a debate on the best age to have this....(maybe its too high or too low?), hence why it varies from country to country. Are they calling for a lower age of consent, or no age of consent???? I dont quite get what the people on the other side of the fence are actually arguing for?

  • No one wants to hear that!

    If teens are going to have sex, could they at least do it quietly instead of aloud? It's none of my business what they do when they're alone, and I would rather not hear them doing that.

    Now, whether they should be *allowed to have sex, that's a whole different issue.

  • Not at all

    First of all, allowed*

    God no
    Think about teen parents, there are more risks of abuse and abandonment and WHY ARE CHILDREN DOING THE FRICKLE FRACKLE WHEN THEY ARE STILL CHILDREN? Goodness, I am a teen and even I know that. If you are a teen, don't have sex god knows what kinda thing could happen to you're body if you do

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Aloud to have sex? I don't know-