• Sex education is essential

    Teens need to learn about their bodies, sex and its consequences. They need to learn accurate information in a non-judgmental environment. Parents should talk with their children about sex and their beliefs, but many parents don't. Children often hear things from their friends and older siblings that are untrue and confusing. Sex has consequences and they need to know about it before they engage in it.

  • All education is important

    Teenagers should learn sex education in schools because whether we want to admit it or not, many are going to experimenting sexually and it's our duty to teach them how to do it safely, effectively, and do it without guilting or shaming them, as this sort of behavior is inevitable in hormonal teenagers and the last thing they need to do is feel like they've made a mistake for following their biological impulses.

  • Teens Need to Know

    Teenagers need to hear from sources other than their parents about the "birds and the bees." Sex education allows teenagers to make informed choices about contraception, pregnancy, sexual intercourse and the like. Sometimes, a parent's instruction isn't sufficient for kids to get a full picture of what it means to be sexual.

  • Yes sex education is important in school

    Sex education is very important in school. You can teach abstinence but people are still going to do things and give in to urges. If they have full education they may be able to make bettter decisions in their life. Give people all the information they need and let them make their best decisions.

  • Sex Education Should Be Taught in Schools

    Yes, teens should be taught sex education in schools. It is the job and duty of schools to provide the best education that they can for their students. Educating about human sexuality and how to have safe sex falls under this duty. Therefore, sex education should be taught in schools.

  • Yes, teens should be taught sex education in schools

    I agree that teens should be taught sex education schools. Teenagers can and will have sex no matter what so the practical stance to take is to teach teens about their bodies and sex. Sex education helps reduce teenage pregnancy and the spread of STD furthermore it reduces the confusion and fear of dealing with a changing body going through puberty. Sex education cannot hurt it can only help.

  • Yes, they need information.

    As long as it is done in an objective and sensitive way, as with any other controversial academic discipline, then sex education should be taught to teens in high school. They need information in order to make wise choices, so they should be given all sorts of information but should not be pressured into any decisions one way or the other.

  • Sex education is important and should be taught in schools

    Sex education should be taught in schools by well educated and competent teachers. Children should learn early (10-12) the basics of how their body works and what to expect from the onset of puberty. Teens should learn how to protect themselves from STDs and STIs and learn how to choose and use contraception. Teens should also learn how their hormones are involved, self pleasure is ok, and not to give in to pressure to have sex if they are not emotionally ready to have sex.
    Knowledge is power, it's time to give them the ability to make informed decisions about their own health.

  • That's the age it usually starts

    In most cases, most people tend to start becoming sexually active when they are in the teens. That being said, and I know most schools already DO teach sexual education anyway, I feel it is beneficial for the students to know exactly what they are getting themselves into and the possible consequences.

  • Sex ed is important.

    There are few things more ingrained in our being than the desire for sex and lust. I think that teaching kids the important of safe sexual intercourse at the age that they start thinking about it alot (high school) is important. Abstinence is not education, it is ignorant and dangerous.

  • Absolutely no way

    Sex education in schools starts to early for starters, Sex education should be down to parental responsibility to teach their children about sex at a the right time, all Schools do is make children aware of sex way to early in life and we wonder why there are so many underage mothers

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