• I Beileve they should get locked up because you need punishment for the wrong in your life.

    If you do some thing wrong that they should be punished the only thing that matters is their age if they are 16+ they need to be tried as an adult. And you also need the punishment overlook. If you look at all the children getting out of jail they still committe crimes after their time is served. Putting the harmful kids back into the community is hurting us

  • They should be

    I think that teens should have to be tried as an adult because they need to learn their lesson. It definitely depends on what your crime was, if it is stealing something, then no. But, if you committed a murder, then of course yes. Just my thoughts on this topic.

  • Only for Felonies

    Teens should only be tried as adults for felonies such as rape, assault, murder, manslaughter and the like. That being said, convicted juveniles should be separated from the general prison populace so they aren't placed in the same confinement with hardened criminals. Teens know the difference between right and wrong and they should pay a debt to society for engaging in criminal behavior.

  • Only in some cases.

    I believe that whether or not teens should be tried as adults depends on the age of the teen, and the crime comitted. I think a 13 year old who kills someone might be less aware of the ultimate impact of their actions than say, a 16 or 17 year old.

  • Teens should be tried as adults.

    I believe that a person should be tried based on the severity of their crime, not at the age upon which they committed it. I believe that a teenager can completely understand how severe their actions are. They should not be sheltered from the results of their criminal activities at all.

  • In Special Cases

    I think in cases where a teenager commits a serious crime and they have already had issues in the juvenile system, then I think it is perfectly acceptable and probably better to try them as adults. In cases where the teenager is getting into trouble for the first time, I think it is best to leave it in the juvenile court system, therefore they have at least one chance to start over as an adult.

  • Teens should be tried as adults.

    Teens should be tried as adults. If they can commit the horrible crime then they should expect to do the same amount of time no matter what their age is. Court systems are giving too many kids second chances that are failing. I think they should be able to serve the same sentence as someone older who commits the same crime.

  • Yes, they know right from wrong.

    Yes, teens should be tried as adults, because they are old enough to be held accountable for their actions. Teens that do terrible things should pay the penalty for their actions. Our juvenile system is too soft and child offenders quickly become adult offenders when they grow up, because they are not sufficiently penalized for their behavior.

  • Depends on the crime

    I think it depends on the crime. Like if a child commits murder I think he/she should be tried as an adult. But if a child was to be caught with having a narcotic . It depends on the crime in some cases but that is my oponion on it

  • What about drunk driving?

    Wouldn't it be worse if they were underage? They would have a much more serious charge, due to the fact that they cant drink alcohol anyway. But adults can, so they will get less charges, and that means they would get a less serious sentencing and less of a punishment.

  • No they should not

    The fact that people WILL change many times in their life and that they certainly are NOT the true person that they will be in adulthood that they are in their teens could suggest that they get tried with a little bit more leniency. Teens are still kids who need time to understand the world.

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