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  • Obviously! Suicide shouldn't be encouraged.

    Obesity is such a big killer of young people nowadays! Processed and junk foods are pumped full of all the things we know not to eat. We KNOW it. Just like drugs and motor speeding (which we scold our young people over again and again), obesity and associated heart problems kill you. And they kill health services. And the economy. It is expensive for a country or an individual to supply health care. This takes money out of causes such as cancer and nervous diseases which are often not the fault of the patient. These days no young person could claim to be ignorant of the affects of fast food. It isn't all about the money however. Ward space is taken by these patients. Valuable space which is necessary to treat thousands of patients that march through hospital doors internationally. In the UK alone over a thousand children have been admitted to hospital due to childhood obesity in the past three years. Diet and lack of exercise are the causes. Those 'time wasting' causes that take up forty minutes too much time to stop computer games in order to play football or go to the gym. For crying out loud, teenagers are killing themselves. In the same way that you would never agree to allowing teens to develop anorexia ''because it is their choice'', why do we let them move in the other direction? Let's hope the road in that direction is wide enough to let them get to the end!

  • Fast food the murderer of life.

    Burgers are made months before it will be cooked. Fries are fried with straws to ensure crispiness. Chickens are injected with hormones to increase its fats. Not to mention, all fast food are fried. Oil used to fry these are used and reused the next day if there is excess. Those who eat in excess stand a chance to be obese as these fats eaten can't be processed if one does not exercise. Obesity at a young age can cause a risk of stroke, heart attack and later Diabetes.

  • Don't people care about themselves???

    Fast foods are like excess fat to your body. It is not healthy. Why not just eat a hearty HEALTHY meal? Fast food has a lot of fat in it and it will just make you fatter, this is bad for your body. Fast food has a lot of oil in it so you will have a oilier face so therefore, you will have a lot of pimples, which is also bad for yourself.

  • What kind of one-sided topic is this?

    First of all, everyone should try to eat less fast food, teen or not. Fast food is mainly bad for you. Fast food is mainly cheap. Fast food mainly has bad quality ingredients. This is what the world doesn't need, with all the obesity.

    There are next to no reasons why teens shouldn't eat less fast food. Fast food has many negative traits, and in fact everyone should make a good effort to reduce the fast food they consume.

    Secondly, every teenager is deifferent. You may have an obese teen who eats at maccas 10 meals a day, in which case he should eat less fast food. But then there is a girl with an eating disorder, who should absolutely eat food, and shouldn't be encouraged to eat LESS. You need to define "teens". Are we talking about overweight teens, or thin teens? Also, you need to define fast food. Are these fast food places unhealthy (McDonald's, KFC, etc.) or healthier like subway or frozen yoghurt bars?

    By saying teens should eat LESS fast food, you are implying that teens already eat large quantities of fast food. This is not true in all cases.

    Next time, just try to be clearer with the topic.

  • No one should eat fast food

    Fast food is gross. It's chicken feet and animal face smashed together with ketchup and mustard. No one shod support the cruelty to animals and the environment that goes into the production of fast food. It's also very unhealthy. If people knew aha they were eating no one would eat it. Truly it's disgusting.

  • Teens shouldn't eat so much fast food

    Teens shouldn't eat so much fast food because it could make them obese, they could loose all their money and it just isnt right to be allowing them to eat so much fast food. I know a lot of people who eat fast food all the time. Even saying taco bell is awesome. Ughhhhh.

  • Why can't people make their own choices ?

    Want to be unhealthy? Go ahead. Want to be healthy? Go ahead. There isn't anything restricting what kids can and can not eat for nutrition. Kids, especially teens, must learn how to discipline themselves if that is the case. Parents shouldn't force their kids to eat something that they don't want to eat just because it's healthy.

  • Make decisions on behalf of yourself.

    I'm not advocating either of these sides; it just so happens that I selected the 'no' button when engaging in such an impractical and senseless question. There is self satisfaction and then there is cardiovascular highs. I suggest you make decisions that correspond to which outcome you desire to have.

  • No, not at all

    I'd like to congradulate you on one thing. That don't look like a fast food burger. You put a real tasty looking home-cooked burger (thankfully). This is a far cry from those godda-n questions revolving McDonald's and all that other BS that they spout at us today, man. Yuck yiks!

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