• Oh yeah !

    Teens have such a beautiful bottom. Eating too much fat can ruin that. Why can't somone invent a tube that she could swallow one end and the other end is attached to a pump that will suck out the fat after she enjoys eating it? Besides this diet is unhealthy

  • Everybody should eat less fast food.

    In case you haven't noticed, teens aren't the only people who could do with a little less, check that, a lot less fast food. Obesity, liver/heart failure, and diabetes are problems at all ages.
    Yes teens should eat less fast food, because everyone should eat less fast food. *two words*

  • Teens should eat less fast food.

    Teens should eat less fast food because it can cause obesity, it can also create an obsession to eating fast food daily, it can give you things like increased blood flow, and has anyone ever had a burger wrapped up? There is chemicals that were on the waxed paper that you ate your burger off of.

  • Why? It's tere life.

    They should eat what they want because it is their choice, even though it maybe the wrong choices but teanagers learn by doing the bad choise. They sometime eat fast food because they think it is the healthier one out of them so they can eat more of them in a week.

  • It's your choice:

    No matter what age you are, you should be able to decide when and where you would like to eat. It is not up to anyone else to tell you how to live your life. Maybe the world does eat a lot of fast food, but that's because we like it! If you blame your weight gain and unhealthy life style on fast food then you would be incorrect. You decide what to do with your life and how you look. If you're not happy with it than blame yourself and not the restaurants.

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