• Set by the parents

    Yes teens should have a curfew and the best authorities to set this are the parents who live with them, not the government. Parents knowing their teenagers lives can make reasonable exceptions like allowing a teenager to be out late walking to a nearby friend's house for a sleepover. Maybe the teenager needs to come back home and get some supplies. A short walk in a good neighborhood late at night for such a purpose should not be prohibited by state or local authorities which is why curfews should be up to the parents.

    In a bad enough neighborhood maybe government-imposed curfews would be justified. In some combat-ridden areas or areas after natural disasters curfews have even been imposed on adults. Those circumstances are different. There is no need for government-imposed curfews on teenagers or adults in most places.

  • Teens need curfew

    Teens should have a curfew because most of them are not mature enough to handle all the responsibilities that come with being able to drive. A curfew would also help the single parents out there that are having trouble with their kids obeying. Curfews for teens would be great for everyone.

  • Yes,of course they should

    Its a little different if a teen lives in the middle of nowhere,but in the city its a scary place. You can't have them running around at all times of night. Its even important in small towns,it sets boundaries and rules are made to be followed. You have to start young and in the long run, you have order.

  • Yes, if it is imposed by their parents

    It is a child’s parents who are responsible for their care and well-being, this includes children of teenage years. It is up to the parents to decide what is best for their teenagers, and if they decide what is best is to set a curfew, then that authority needs to be respected and followed. It is not the place of the state or other governing authority to set those limits or rules for them.

  • One Set By Parents

    I believe curfews are important for teenagers but they don't mean much unless they are set and enforced by their parents. Curfews that are mandated by law don't take a persons life into account where teens and parents can sit down and discuss what is appropriate given an kind of circumstance.

  • No curfew for teens

    They shouldn't have a curfew because during curfew parents aren't always watching their kids during curfew so it can lead to more crimes and curfews for teens also hinders maturity and when they are released from the law they get culture shock and curfews are also unconstitutional meaning the government has rights to interfere with families parenting methods.

  • Most teens are good.

    No, teens should not follow a curfew, because good kids shouldn't have to sit inside in order to compensate for the bad kids. Teens should not be allowed to congregate in a way that would cause a public safety concern. Law enforcement should be able to order groups of people to disperse at night. But there should not be a bright line for teens for a curfew.

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