• The current education system gives teens too much school work to do

    Home work causes stress and stress is bad so dont give teens that much homework and homework is dumb just make them do all of the work in the classroom why even is there homework it is bad it is bad it is bad and teeens need less of it

  • Teens Should get less homework.

    LeftWing is right homework causes stress, you should get more homework in middle school and elementary because what do kids do with there time when they are that old? NOTHING they play video games and stalk there crushes on Facebook. Kids in high school have jobs, apply for collage, teens in high school have much higher expectations and desires than when they are younger. They have to split time between what is expected of them and there own personal goals and excessive homework can get in the way of there own self growth.

  • Homework is amazing

    I love homework. It makes me wake up and smile every morning when i have to get up and turn in my 100% correct homework. It brings every child joy and lights up their eyes knowing they have to got home for seven hours and work on homework...What a life

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