Should teens get married when they are 18 years old?

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  • Marriage as a cornerstone to adult life

    It's true that statistically young marriages are more likely to end in divorce. However more likely is not definitely. Both young marriages and older marriages can end in a year or last till death do you part. If you work on the relationship and grow together and support one another you'll be able to make it to the end. The argument that a person with limited life experience or a person not yet settled in a career can't or shouldn't get married is silly. Which makes more sense, To drift through life fooling around with all sorts of different people or to have one partner that you can always count on? If you're married early you can focus on your education and career with the help of a spouse. And which is easier to do, Make compromises when you're still young or to make them when you're old and set in your ways? All marriages require compromise and learning about your partner and dealing with their changes. All of those are things which can be done at any age but really are easier to do as a young person. Don't rush into marriage just to be married. But don't keep yourself from it just because you don't meet some arbitrary threshold.

  • Its their lives

    If someone wants to do something and it does not hurt anyone than why should they be held back from doing what they want life is about learning from mistakes so you should let people make them they may not be ready but let them figure that out let them live their lives how they want "you only live once so live your life not anyone else's"

  • It was often 13 was chosen as the best age for marriage

    This was a long time ago but the point is if you merry someone you love you'll be together and should change together if you do change either way you should have the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness as granted by the constitution also we have a right to make our own decisions

  • 18 makes you a legal adult

    At 18, these teenagers are allowed to vote, move out, and even go fight for our country. If they can make these life changing decisions then why can't they make a decision to get married? If two young
    "kids" are in love, and know that they want to spend the rest of their lives together, then they should be able to tie the knot without anyone getting in the way.

  • 18 is old enough to decide to vote and go die for your country.

    If an 18 year old can decided on who they want to run the country, they should be ready to decide who they want to love. Also 18 is old enough to go to war, sometimes the only thing helping a soldier is knowing he/she has someone to go home to. If they are old enough to decide they want to die for their country, they are old enough to know if they love someone. (Based many on U.S.)

  • They're considered adults

    They're pretty much adults and if they've been together long enough and have talked and thought through the pros and cons of getting married and everything that goes along with it like bills, children, fighting, and it not being perfect 24/7, and they're in love and are willing to fight for each other no matter what happens, then I say go for it, I am all for it.

  • 18 is the legal age to get married without parental consent

    Yes, if an 18 so chooses to be married, then who can stop them. Parents should extend their advice on waiting, but it is ultimately up to the individuals involved. It may a huge mistake or it may turn out to be the best decision ever, but I believe the individual should decide. It may be a good learning experience.

  • For practical reasons if nothing else.

    Your brain doesn't even finish developing before you are twenty-five, for crying out loud. This isn't post-WWII America, where the average life expectancy was in the fifties and a high school education was just about all the average person ever got.
    A recently released study by Harvard followed couples over fifteen years of marriage, and this is what they found:
    Those who married under the age of twenty-five and with only a high school education had the highest rate of divorce- nearly SEVENTY percent. Those who married over age 25 with a college education had the lowest- down near FORTY percent.

    Do yourself a favor, kids- wait until you know who YOU really are and have seen some of the real world before you commit yourself to someone else. That future spouse will thank you for it.

  • It is foolish to marry before we are thirty, and it is insane to marry anyone younger than thirty years old.

    People change more in our twenties than we do in our teens, and this has some immediate impacts on marriage.

    First, when we are younger than thirty, we are still figuring out what we want from life, and we are only abstractly aware of our own mortality. This means we are primed for having adventures. Much of the benefit of adventure is learning to assess risk, take risk, and figure out how to adjust and thrive in the aftermath when we realize the initial risk assessment was incomplete. Marriage is an anchor, which is not intrinsically a bad thing, but it is an impediment to adventurous living. That anchor tends to reduce the adventurous living that we are likely only to do when we are young. And it thereby limits the learning that results from adventures. Moreover, being saddled with the often disastrous outcome of someone else's adventure is not likely to improve a marriage, or increase its lifespan.

    Second, even without having kids, people change more in our twenties than we do in our teens. Some of this is the results of adventurous living, and some of it is the result of biological maturation. This is when we tend to complete our educations, try out one or more professions, and get enough real information to START to figure out what we want from life. Marrying someone younger than thirty is like buying a house before the blueprints are complete or the materials are chosen. We all change throughout our lives, and our partners may not change in ways compatible with our changes, or what we want out of life. The rate of change after thirty tends to be slower, and the person is more stable to begin with. Even if the house is not complete, at least the blue prints are done.

    I am not saying that a marriage at twenty-nine is automatically doomed, or that one at thirty-one is a guaranty of blissful partnership. There are trends in how people develop physically and socially, and marrying after thirty takes advantage of the trends. After thirty we:
    -Are more likely to have settled in to our physically mature bodies and brains.
    -Are more likely to have worked through the most extreme kinks of risk assessment and risk mitigation.
    -Are more likely to know what we want out of life.
    -Are more likely to have completed an education and established ourselves in a profession.

  • Age hardly matters

    Marriage is a very demanding commitment which should be made only when the considered people are ready for it and not just because they have reached a certain age.There are a million other variables other than just age.The notion is too shallow and does not require being discussed in detail so this reasoning is enough to answer the "question"

  • This is wrong!

    This is not a good thing because they have their whole life ahead of them and they should not be throwing it all away at such a young age. I have a friend doing this and to me it is a bad idea becasue she is just giving it all up for a older guy.

  • Uhm no lol

    Excuse me now and ya can correct me if I’m wrong but like you are only young and ya can’t just throw away your life like that you haven’t even stopped growing and like you are dedicating your life to somebody else? Yeah I would not recommend it sorry but it’s my opinion

  • No they should not

    Age is not the only factor; its about being MATURE enough for the responsibilities of a marriage- at any age. Age is not necessarily the objection; A 30 year old can have a bad marriage. Marriage is a big commitment: you are choosing to be someone for LIFE and everything that goes along with that. I don't see too many 18 year olds with that level of maturity. Besides, What's the rush? You are willing to commit for life to someone- where is the harm in waiting a few more years. We change as people so much between the ages of 18- 25. Why would you rush to be married when you haven't even experienced life on your own yet?

  • I did and it was Worst mistake ever

    Yea i did married a guy 6 months after meeting 1 month after my 18th birthday got preg and stuck with him 9 years until i got out cause i was so shamed and totaly reliant on him ...... Love quickly faded within 1 or 2 years

    anyone that reads please please wait i wish i did and it makes a massive difference to yours future ... Im lucky i found the man i have now and what i done then has effected things

  • No,they don't need to get married

    Teenage brain aren't mentally fully develop like an adult to foresee the consequence of their action.So they tend to make mistake frequently more than adult.They are already get affected by STD infection and teen pregnancy as i notice.We don't want teen to take risk in activities that could harm them.

  • No they shouldn't

    Although people at 18 or over are considered as adult,but they aren't fully mentally and physically develop like an full grown up adults.They are still in between teen age.Marriage should only apply for someone who are ready in financial planning and mentally and physically mature enough to take care of others.

  • No they should not

    18 years old is still immature.I do think that age between 18-20 is still immature as comparable as a child under 18 years old.Because they aren't fully mentally develop to take their own responsibility.Many of them still need education and marriage is taking away their freedom and advantage.No,it should not allowed.

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