• Dont... Really see the issue.

    Well, of course they should have access to abortion. Not allowing them access is an infringement upon their basic rights. Under what health scheme would we allow teenagers access to STD treatment, genital checkups, normal medical procedures and basically everything else they/their parents can afford... Just not abortions? No offense, but the idea that refusing them access to basic control over unwanted/unplanned pregnancies would somehow be a good thing, or help matters in any way, doesn't gel with reality.

  • they made a mistake, dont let them make another.

    If a teen gets pregnant and they know that they are not ready and fit to be a parent then they should have the chance to "correct" their mistake. (there's no good way to say that) If they are taking enough time and putting enough effort in to decide that they are not fit to be parents or go through childbirth or take on the bullying that comes with being a pregnant teenager then they obviously care about it. If thy are forced to go through with it and don't put the child up for adoption at an age where it would know no different, then it will only make for a bad childhood and a hard life for everybody involved.

  • Yes, having a baby is a serious matter

    Teens should have access to abortions for a number of reasons. In the case of pregnancy by rape, that pregnancy is an unwanted result of something terrible that happened to them. The pregnancy could endanger the life of the mother if she were to go through with the birthing, or there could be something wrong with the child, like a genetic abnormality that would cause it to be stillborn or die shortly after birth. Let's keep in mind that if the mother was forced to keep the baby, this mother is still a teen and doesn't know how to take care a child. Add to that the fact that they will have a low education and not enough income or time to take care of a child. And to be realistic, making abortions accessible to teens isn't going to cause every teenager out there to go have sex and get pregnant.

  • Yes, abortion is medical care.

    Teenagers should have access to medical care, just as everyone should. The implied question of whether teens should have access to abortion without parental consent is more complicated. In our country, minors cannot receive medical care without explicit parental consent. Exceptions to this should only be made in exceptional circumstances, such as paternal involvement in the pregnancy or some reason to believe that parental knowledge poses a risk to the minor's safety.

  • Yes, But Under Conditions

    There are teens who suffer as a result of rape or incest. There are other complicating factors. Teens should have mandatory parental consent in most cases, but ultimately abortion is a matter of a woman's body. There needs to be a safe place teens can go, especially if the rapist was their father.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Abortion can be good in some situations.

    Although it seems silly to give teens access to abortion, some things can not be prevented. Say a teenager gets raped and she becomes pregnant. She shouldn't need to have the baby and take care of it if she never wanted it. In situations like this having an abortion would be a good thing.

  • Well yes, definitely.

    Teens have no less reason to have the right to have an abortion. In cases where the baby was never intended, I recommend abortion. The way I see it, teenagers make more mistakes and therefore may need abortion more than adults to. To conclude, teens should have access to abortion.

  • Yep of course

    Just think about how society is changing as parents become younger and younger and younger and younger...... Where would we really be headed? What are the statistics? Just because a woman's body is CAPABLE of making a baby doesn't mean she just HAS to let it if it tries to start. Who made that rule? That's like saying "oh your hair's starting to fall out; better let it take its course." Not everyone thinks a sperm and egg cell touching each other is as miraculous or special as some of these anti-abortionists. Sorry

  • Yes they should.

    Teens should have access to abortion but I feel like it should require a parent to sign off on it or be there to assure that they are making the right choice. Some teens may want the abortion just to avoid having to tell their parents, which is understandable, but not the best decisions.

  • 100% teens should have access to abortion.

    Saying abortions are "inhumane" is actually on of the most STUPID arguments I've ever heard. Have you ever thought about when a man ejaculates, the millions of lives he's killing by pleasuring himself? Because when you put in proper perspective, it's EXACTLY the same thing. Or what about when a woman gets her period? She's virtually killing one life a month, yet no-one ever says anything or bans periods. So, before you start abortion-bashing, put ALL things into perspective.

  • Teenagers need guidance from adults in dealing with these issues.

    There is no evidence at the moment for when a baby becomes a human being. Some say from birth, others say from the time they can no longer split into twins and others say at the moment of conception. We don't have enough knowledge on the topic to know that abortion is not murder.

  • Take the responsibility.

    As a teen myself, I honestly think that we shouldn't be able to have access to abortions, because if we are responsible enough to have unprotected sex, or have sex at all, we should have the responsibility to rise the child. Also acting like you're old enough to going out and have sex means that you're old enough to be a parent and take care of the child.

  • No, babies are a bundle of joy

    Teens should not be able to have an abortion. If they created this baby, they did it because they loved someone and that means that love would go to this baby as well. It might not always be easy, but it will mostly likely make you very happy mic drop.

  • Abortion is an inhumane way of dealing with the consequences of a stupid action

    Teenagers have no right to throw away a life just because they don't want to deal with a perfectly healthy and beautiful baby, maybe one that could impact the way we view society. But, we would never no because a mother decided to rid herself of a god given right.

  • Having an abortion is the same thing as murder but without getting arrested.

    Why are you killing a baby whho has never seen the world before and you kill it. Shame on the person. When you decide to have intercourse why didnt you realizethat you are going to have the baby/?It is your fault and you should take the resposibilty for your actions. When you gave birth to the baby you should not feel bad because thats supposeto help you get your bad decisions. Also a life is a life. Would you be happy if you are a baby and you ahd to get aborted? Probably not. Eremmber the pain of the baby and you wont make silly decsins any omre. Kk?

  • Should You Choose?

    Is it your choose on whether the baby should live or die? Did the baby have the choice in the matter? Is it the child's fault that your are dealing with this pain? No. It's not 100% your choice, the baby didn't get a choice for his own life, and it is not the baby fault! Give your child a chance! Who's fault is it you say? You figure it out!

  • Nobody deserves to die.Even when they're not even born yet..

    Okay picture this, ur mom got pregnant and she told u that she didnt what the baby anymore because she had u and it was too much work. What would you say to her and how would you explain to her why or why not she should keep the baby......

  • It's a stupid thing to do

    It was their fault for messing around in bed with someone. They need to take responsibility for their actions they commit or they will never be trusted. There are several medical risks too, scaring or even heavy bleeding. There could be a punture in the wall of the uterus and it's unsafe.

  • No abortion is killing a unborn baby that has not even seen the world yet? Are you people that heartless must be

    Some people need to lean how to have a heart sometime i swear to god you people act like little kids because they're women in this world who wish they could have kids but cant and then we got immature people like you who take gods gift for granted. .

  • Why teenager should have abortion

    The reason why teenager shouldnt have abortion . Your problems are not solved through killing an innocent child. Just because it is legal dose not make it right. And just because it is often a hidden choice does not mean it wont stay will u forever. A child does not deserve to die because his or her mother and father were irresponsible. A child is completely innocent. A child did not decide that his or her parents would have sex or that they would use ineffective contraception . An unborn child is always innocent and should never be punished because their parents was not irresponsible, and that goes for all the women too. BOO

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