• They should definitely have access!

    Teens having access to Plan B is absolutely necessary. With all the teens having sex, An unwanted pregnancy is bound to happen. The teen should have a choice in whether they want to keep it or end it. Now Plan B doesn't end a pregnancy. It just prevents the semen from fertilizing the egg. Sometimes it works and other times it fails. Teens should still have it available to them in case of emergency.

  • They should have access.

    All teen should have access to Plan B. While abstinence is the best way to prevent pregnancies, Plan B offers a back up for teen who choose to have sex. Denying them access will only increase the rate of teen pregnancy, and raising the amount of abortions that teen have to get.

  • to prevent abortions

    It may help prevent teen pregnancy and/or abortions. It might help people to avoid a situation that they would not want to be in if they were in it. If there are parents who are concerned about that, then they should talk them and find out and then take it from there.

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