• Cyber Bully, distraction

    It is healthier to talk to your friends instead of communicating via social media, You can also easily be hacked, get your information exposed to the world and to people that shouldn't know. A cell phone distracts people from what is happening happening around them. Useless and a big NO.

  • Yes! Teens Like Me Need A Phone!

    It could go either way but for many parents who are busy all the time, like my parents, teens need a cell phone, not only for company, but for the safety. Both sides feel comfortable being able to contact one another knowing they can do it any time. My parents are very strict but are also away from home 15 hours a day every day, i barely see them. So for other kids that also are left home alone since age 7 or 8, we need a phone. For various reasons!

  • They are a necessity.

    Teenagers live in a time where the world is transitioning from traditional to digital. Having a phone is like having an mp3 player, camera, computer, alarm, and house phone all-in-one. Having a cell phone defeats the need for these things, in the long run being very multi functional. On top of this, phones give teenagers a safety net. So long as they have a charged phone, they will never be stranded. They'll never have to miss an after-school activity because they couldn't arrange a way to get home in time. With a cell phone, teenagers can keep in touch of their parents every step of the way, in a matter of seconds. Cell phones allow help with homework and school, a way to maintain relationships with friends and long-distance relatives, etc.

  • Cell phones are a necessity to Teens.

    Teens need phones, there shouldn't be a debate about it. Teens need phones, since they're out way more, due to their gain of freedom. Teens are very intertwined in social media, and having a cell phone is the only way to be a part of that life. Teens get into way more sticky situations, since they've just been released from their parents tight grip on them for many years. If you want your child to be safe in their teenage years, then buy them a cell phone for their safety, and for yours.

  • Teens should definetly have phones. But specifically smart phones.

    For teens, one of the most valuable part of their life is the social aspect of it. As a responsible 14 year old, I'd say that phones honestly dictate a lot in teens lives. For example, even in my classes my teachers have started to pick up how to incorporate smart phones into our daily lessons. It really helps to have the entire inter web at my fingertips which could also go for the worse, but if you think your teen will be able to handle a phone then they probably could. There are safety reasons as well. You wouldn't want your son or daughter stuck in a sticky situation with no way out now would you? What about school lockdowns? The school usually shuts down its incoming messages so your teen having a phone can help you both stay "in the loop". Communication also helps. Lastly teens socialize and such on their phones nowadays and if you want your kid to have friends(I'm not kidding) then please please please get them a phone. Don't deprive them of this wonderful gadget.

  • Yes teens should have phones

    I text my friends on my phone and I make dumb YouTube video also when my mom yells at me I record her yelling and hitting me so I can show the police and get her arrested because she gave birth to my brothers and I don't like them so give us phones or you will get arrested by Hitler

  • Yes teens should have cell phones.

    Because I like chicken nuggets and I use a cell phone to take pictures of it. Mh. That juicy chicken my mouth watering for that chicken. I GOT GREEN BEANS, POTATOS, TOMATES, ...... YOU NAME IT, YOU NAME IT, YOU NAME IT, YES TEENS SHOULD HAVE CHICKEN YOU NAME IT,

  • Yeah kids need phones

    Cause life eithout phones is not vool because without a phone I wouldn't of found out about weed and nw I smoke it everyday dude so yeah teens can smoke weed in class and be a stoner like yeah wouldn't you want to be a stoner dude witout weed we would be all poor like cuba so yeah

  • Yes yes yes

    They should use it in a good way so yes and I am only 13 so and I do not have a phone yes yes yes yes yes yes yes and yes and yes but in a good way so yes and not at the same time by by


  • Big fat yes

    A excellent way of staying in touch with me when i’m away from home. If I have gone to a party or a festival, school dance, friends house, stayed after school, and you want to stay in contact, you can directly call or text me. Or, if you want to keep track of me surreptitiously. Emergencies. If I have a phone on me, you can use it to call for help or if you or if I find ourself in a sticky situation for some reason. In potentially dangerous circumstances, such as being stranded somewhere, having a cell phone handy could be a lifesaver. Or what if me and my friends are at the park by themselves and my friend or maybe even me gets injured really badly. What would i do without a cell phone? In this situation i can contact you, another parent/guardian, and maybe if it’s necessary, 911. Giving me a cell phone can keep me child safe and maybe save me or my friends life. What if your going to work and my clock was wrong how would ik what time it is for school or you need to go somewhere and you needed me to get food out or turn down the oven what would you do. What if i got lost in Kmart or Walmart or needed me to get something or down at turkey felt hungry i can get you something like an ice coffee. Also when were bored and i have nothing to do i can go on instagram or facebook or need social time because you know we have a social life lol. Like communicating with world, Friends, and Family. Also could use it for school like study island math games power school to check my grades or schoology if i don’t have my computer. Me never complaining i’m bored or yell at me for sleeping. Also i don’t need to ask to borrow someone's phone if i’m at school and i need to stay later or what if i do wrestling or basketball and i leave early or stay late to help clean up, talk to a coach get some pointers.

  • Teens don't need phones

    I can see how they want to stay in touch or make a phone call. On the other hand teen on social media for hours at a time spreading hurtful words and inappropriate things. Also if you don't feel comfortable letting your kids go any where with out a phone get them a flip phone and only give it to them when they go some where.

  • Teenager don't need phones

    Why parent buy phones for their children?To communicate with their children when need. But today Phones can be a gateway to interactions with undesirable individuals. Inappropriate images or messages put children in uncomfortable and unsafe conditions, and cyber-bullying and sexting occur more resulting in suicide. I can go on and on .

  • Cell phones for teens? A big fat NO!

    How many teens are failing in school because the spend time on their phones instead of studying or working. Suicide rates have gone through the roof thanks to cell phones because now online bullying, worthlessness, and criticism are more freely given. It's absolute nonsense. People survived just fine before cell phones were created and the crime rate was also much lower because there were no electronic devices to steal or kill for.
    Sincerely a fed up teen

  • No teens should not have phones.

    I want to ask why there is a need of phones for teens. What they actually do with phones. Firstly there is no child in this era who are not addicted to phones. Then we are simply providing them phones just to ruin their future. Really the parents are responsible for the ruining of their children future. Especially what is done no the parents provide them with the latest cell phones

  • No no no

    No no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no noNo no no

  • Teens should not have a flipping cell phone

    Well first of all , phones have ruined society !! They cause drama over social media. Like , if you need to keep in touch use a damn computer and mail. Phone are only for contacting. Teens that have a cell phone most likely are drama starters that spread fucking gossip !!!!!!!!!

  • Whatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttfasd what the

    They can kill them selves thats like insane but i can see how that would happen one person is being mean and the other dosnt like it and then he would kill him self and it would be like a hole wast of money they would have a whole case about it and all.

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  • I Want one

    I want a phone just because i want a phone means i need a phone. Btw, i am awesome so i can get one later on in my life. Okie? I want to play agar.Io now. JUST BECAUSE. I love agar.Io. Do you? Imma play it when i get hoime. Teens need a phone

  • Misuse of Mobiles

    There are high chances of misuse of mobile phone by children.Children may send and receive vulgar messages and pictures. Children can access to adult websites. The social networking sites can addict the minds of children . This is very dangerous for them. So in my opinion youngsters should not allow to possess mobile sets.

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