• YES! If they want to!

    Its really not for anyone to say much about teens and their sexual habits. The best we can do is educate them on being safe regarding STDs, pregnancy and self respect.

    If we empower them with knowledge and don't get all holier than thou (you know, some of us don't buy into the whole bible fairytale), we can go a long way in keeping them safe through empowering them with informed decision making.

  • You gotta practice

    I mean, when you get married, and you're on your honeymoon, and you get in bed to get it on, you need some practice. Wouldn't it be sad if you got a divorce just because you couldn't bang well enough? I think so. It happens. The deal is you gotta practice.

  • Because you're free to do as you please.

    As I'm not a brainwashed religious moron who lives in a delusion, I don't see why you wouldn't. Its an outlet for teenagers hormones and if done safely is for the betterment of forming an open society with more logical taboos. STIs and pregnancies are the exception - NOT the rule for most who know how to put on a condom or swallow a pill. You people should be educating people, not preaching groundless religious fundamentalism thats millenia out of date.

  • Marriage has no bearing.

    There's nothing about getting married that suddenly or magically makes it okay to have sex, nor is there anything that magically makes it not okay if you're not married. If two adults consent to sex and understand what it means to have it, there's no reason they shouldn't engage in it.

  • Its their life.

    If a teen would like to have sex before marriage, it is their choice. They can do whatever they want, and most teens dont understand what could happen, so their actions with the consequences could help them realize it might not be the best decision. It isnt anyones job, but their own to protect themselves, if they want to have sex, they may. We cant stop it.

  • Yes. If the teens have a mature understanding of how to have safe sex.

    I feel that teen sexuality is so taboo in America that some people get worked up about the moral implications of pre-marital sex, and completely bypass teaching their children to have safe sex. It is much more important to tell your teen where to get condoms or birth control pills and to make them feel comfortable coming to you for advice or buying birth control devices if they are too embarrassed themselves to get them. Simply telling them it's right or wrong does not actually prepare them for anything and in fact, sets them up to make poor decisions when a moment of passion does arise.

  • Its just not right!

    You need to be married first sex before marriage is wrong! God intended us to be married before we have sexual intercourse. And another huge thing is you could get a sexually transmitted disease, and no one wants that. Condoms will not stop this outrageous problem in America. Its wrong!

  • Do teens know what they're allowing themselves to get into?

    Disregarding my own religious views on sex before marriage, it's still wrong in many ways. First of all, most teenagers are not yet at an age where responsibility is a main priority. This part of the brain develops later on in life, so making the decision of having sex outside of marriage is usually based on pleasure and impulse, not reasoning, which leads to most of the following issues. Second, about 50% of teenagers contract STDs annually. Third, though this doesn't account for all teenagers, many have multiple sex partners, and this not only increases the chances of an STD spreading, but it also damages young women and men on an emotional and chemical level. Having too many sexual partners causes the important hormones within us that are released during orgasm to diminish, like putting a piece of ourselves in someone else, basically. If this happens too many times, the ability to form a bond with only one partner when they actually want to settle down later in life will be much harder to maintain. Let's not forget that the risk of pregnancy increases, bringing up further issues of being a young parent or having an abortion. If teens understand all of this--the fact that it's not only damaging to society, but also damaging to themselves in the end--and still engage in sexual intercourse, that's when I'd have to say let them do so. With a question like this, we kind of have to act like parents: Teach them the consequences, and if they still wish to engage in it afterwards, stand back and let them make their mistakes until they've realized the damage they've caused and learn for themselves what's right.

  • No its bad

    I think teens would be quickly running into thingz not of their age and if u get pregnant how can u take care of a baby wen u too re still a child being taken care of by parents and its forbidden in the bible and God forbids that .Teens shuld try and wait for their time to cme wen they re married obviously one day u re goin to be married and u cn even have sex with a person u re never goin to marry

  • Save yourself the trouble and the impurity

    It is sexually impure and immoral to have sex before marriage no matter what your age. Besides, if a teen decides to have sex and the girl ends up getting pregnant, she'll have to drop out of school if she wants to best raise the child. The guy will have to pay for child support. Most likely neither of the teens wouldn't be emotionally ready or mature to properly raise a child. The teens' bodies are probably not biologically mature enough to endure sex without pain, especially the pregnant female.

  • It is not wise

    Sex is meant to be between one man and one woman in the context of marriage according to Christ. Certainly, teens as well as adults fall short of this. The damage it does to one's person, one's soul and spirit are probably the greatest harm that is done, let alone risks of STDs and unwanted pregnancy. Teens probably suffer more in the long run.

  • I found an article

    I pretty much just read the top article in a google search, and I thought it's worth the read. The second half of it is a biblical examination, but the other stuff is up top if you care to read why I put my answer at no. So here's the article: http://realtruth.Org/articles/130530-005.Html

  • Its a grave sin!!

    I just dont understand the fact that the only time christians remember their religion is when its christmas, other than that, they drink alcohol, they eat pork, they flaunt their bodies by wearing revealing clothes and they have sex before marriage and they think its completely okay. I mean if they say that "yeah its wrong but we still do it" then that is understandable, but no they say "its okay and we do it". This is where things are messed up. Now if you dont like to follow your religion than dont follow at all and be completely secular. If you want to be away from religion and any religious teaching doesnt matter to you because you have your own free will to make life decisions then why do you even celebrate Christmas? Why there is such a bigotry? Its like you have made your own religion in which you only follow things that you like and ignore the part that you dont like.

  • It does a whole lot deeper

    Teens are vulnerable and are in a stage where they are trying to find who they are and be accepted for it. So when a teen becomes romantic and sexually involved with someone (hopefully another teen) the vulnerability and the feelings of being wanted and love take over and make that teen do what feels good at the moment, "a quick fix" . They don't really have much reason or a lot of regard for the future ESPECIALLY since there is so much pressure and media coverage on sex itself saying that's it's okay to have sex outside of marriage , and that its normal, EVERYONE does it. This not only applies to sex but drugs and other things as well especially if that teen doesn't have a solid stable loving foundation coming from home. That's what they do, they look for acceptance and understanding and someone to be there on the same level of communication with them that's not overwhelming and sensible to them. Generally This is the time when they are becoming their own person not only physically but mentally as well. While people may say that this is also the age of experimenting and if they are finding out who they want to be that they should try sex to see if they want to do it. I say first off it's sex, sex feels good and is very powerful especially if they do it with someone a teen may think they really love at the moment so 9/10 the teen is going to like it and want to continue to do it. There is no problem there. I feel that even though it may not seem as physically interesting as sex that they need to continue to mature and develop reasoning before they engage in sex with someone. Focus on school and life for the future and success. That means a whole lot more than a "quick fix" even though school and academic success may seem a lot further away than physical pleasure with ur boyfriend which can be easily done,it's worth it. Because u put intuition over your physical pleasure which is so precious and admirable. So parents and mentors should be teaching teens about putting their education and career goals before physical desires because if not, what makes u any different than anyone else? It's okay to be different and never apologize for abstaining from something that u don't need while you are focusing on ur career goals. These are some of the things u tell them as well because all teens know the physical consequences of teen sex but thats not enough to persuade . Most teens like to think that they are young and invincible. It goes a lot deeper than that for them to truly make this decision for themselves.

  • God said NO.

    Look, teens these days are brought up by ungodly music and/or parents. I don't know much about sex because I'm in sixth grade, but I am a Christian and I read the Bible a LOT. And one of the things that I have come across time and again is to be godly in all things. I believe that includes only having sex AFTER marriage.

  • What does the Bible say?

    "For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality; that each one of you know how to control his own body in holiness and honor, not in the passion of lust like the Gentiles who do not know God;
    2. But because of the temptation to sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband"

    this country is so sick its ridiculous, encouraging teens to have sex is not only morally wrong but its not smart or wise at all. The is apretty good reason why GOD says man should have his own WIFE, key word WIFE, and woman her own HUSBAND, teens are know where near ready for marriage let alone sex, and lets not forget the soul ties that occur during sex that know one wants to talk about, and then wonder why your so ready to commit suicide when your first love (the one you gave your virginity to) leaves you for someone else. Its really common sense people, that is why god intended it to be between a husband a wife because he trying to protect our bodies emotions and spirit, but people are to ungreatfull to see his mercy and grace.I'm 15 btw!

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