Should teens have the ability to get birth control without their parents' permission?

  • Parents should not be controlling personal things like this.

    Let's take a look at what parental consent requirement has to offer-

    If you live in a predominantly Christian state (which would be all states), your parents will probably deny your access to healthcare of this sort and you'll end up with a state thats absolutely infected with the following:

    Under education.
    Financial time bombs.
    And a safety net that's being pulled apart by the threads.

    The idea that you need to counteract all enjoyment of human nature with an infant makes absolutely no moral sense unless you presuppose that someone with more power than you ordered that it be that way, which is irrational in it's own right.

  • Teens won't tell their parents about sexual activity

    Most parents don't agree with their teens choice to have sex and therefore, won't agree to helping them get birth control. Teenagers will be sexually active whether there parents agree on it or not and should be able to get it without there permission. Because if they're already regularly having sex and they don't have birth control its going to be a high risk of pregnancy. And the option of waiting until marriage is a sometimes challenging goal to stick to.

  • The parents don't need to know.

    What business of the parents is it who their child associates themselves with? It's a natural thing for them to be sexually active, and rather than meet it with the certain repression that would come from asking their parents' permission to purchase basic hygiene products, it is better to allow them to purchase it.

    Teenagers have sex. There is no escape from this. The only thing that can be done is to make it as smooth a phase as possible, with as little chance of ruining more more than one person's life as possible.

  • It's a matter of public health.

    Face facts, people- you aren't going to stop teenagers from having sex. Humans are built to start desiring sex in their teens, a time when impulse control in the brain is not fully developed. Simply telling them not to do it, and depriving them of ways to do so safely, just forces them to do it in secret and unprotected- THAT is what is irresponsible.

    Studies have shown that comprehensive sex education along with easy and affordable access to reliable contraception is the only way to reduce teen pregnancy and STDs among teenagers. For this reason we have an obligation as a society to make these children as safe as we can.

  • Teens have sex

    Teens have sex. It is a simple fact, and we can no longer ignore it. It's time to stop acting like the youth of America if told no will make the right choices. Teens choose to do risky things despite knowing the consequences. Give them a back up plan or the option to have one. Some teens will attempt to be responsible, but parents will come in their way. Even if a parent says no to birth control to prevent sex, they are actually just preventing their child from having safe sex.

  • Teens Need to Be Responsible

    I don't believe kids should be able to get birth control without parent permission. Taking a pill to prevent pregnancy is not acceptable. If you're having sex you need to be responsible for yourself. Don't have sex if you're not willing to later in life take on a child with someone. Wait until marriage.

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