Should teens have unsupervised internet access?

Asked by: Fanny
  • While I'm sure to get flak for this...

    Yes, to an extent. However, it should be the privilege and not a right for the child to do so. While I may agree on the other side, "There's harmful stuff on the Internet." that's no reason to shelter them from it. What happens when they DO get unsupervised Internet access? The stuff you sheltered them from will be in their face full force, and you'll just be ill-preparing them for the real world. It's not all happy and dandy.

  • We all know teenagers are impulsive

    Sayings like "YOLO" and "who cares" and "why not" give us an idea of why unsupervised internet access for teenagers is a bad idea. Also, cyberbullying can occur to some teenagers if they are allowed on the internet indefinitely, and that can even lead to suicide.
    I mean, sure, if you want your kids to become even more rebellious, sullen, mean, or depressed, by all means, let them stay in the internet as long as they like

  • The risk outweighs the benefit

    I was a teenager with the internet, not so many years ago. I would go to chat rooms and talk to people for hours at a time. My parents had no idea what I was talking about or who I was talking to. Luckily, I was a cautious child and only gave out my phone number to one person that I would talk to from time to time. It makes no sense to allow your child the freedoms to potentially attract or subject themselves to people who want to hurt them. Why would your child need privacy on the internet, I just don't see the need.

  • Teens are still developing their impulse control

    Teens brains are not fully formed therefore they do need protection from some thing. Internet addiction is a huge problem in teens and it is just as detrimental as any other type of addiction except the teen has so much more access to it. Parents need to limit their Internet time until they are old enough to make the informed decisions themselves.

    Many teens have been expelled from school and called bullies for the things they put on the Internet. A little parental supervision can stop the, from ruining their young lives.

    Predators are also very good at sucking teens in on the Internet and many have been killed as a result.

    The argument that they will have full access some day anyway holds no water because when they do they will be more mentally developed so many of the same problems will no longer exist.

  • Unsupervised internet access is like a loaded gun in the hands of an infant

    I myself being a youth understand how much self control and incessant calls of conscience it takes to do right things while on the internet. Deterring from the path is a inborn human tendency. Curiosity to test the unknown, digging the darkest secrets , unravelling the mysteries are the tasks which can attract any youth mind.As we all know internet is something that covers the knowledge and knowns that a human mind has ever felt, found or invented. Everything is just at a distance of few clicks. Youths which are backbone of the nation are full of vibrant energy. This energy can work both ways i.E. Constructive as well as destructive. So, there is a need to channelize this energy in the right direction. If given unsupervised internet youth may get trapped in unfruitful, time wasting and even destructive activities. He will work according to his whim. So, unsupervised internet access is like a loaded gun in the hands of an infant and should not be allowed if one wants a healthy growth of his country and its future.

    Posted by: svnc

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