Should teens (like 13-14) be able to have social media like Instagram and Twitter?

Asked by: Mr6P
  • Teens should be able too

    It allows them to interact with the world and express them selves. Plus adults/parents can check their social media accounts to see whats going on with them. It is also the new way of communicating with your friends. Its like the land line from back way when. I think they should.

    Posted by: Mr6P
  • It makes kids depressed when they get mean comments

    My friend had something really mean said to him o social media and he didn't want to leave his house the next day. Also people can track by who you are and where yo live of social media because they can use hacks to find out where you live. Conclusion: social media can ruin a teens life!

  • Too Much Temptation.

    I'm a male and although I'd rather not disclose my age I don't believe I should have been exposed to it when I was. As my headline states I do believe there is too much temptation in this world and especially on social media. Kids are curious, it's a fact. But curiosity can be bad sometimes. Most parents do not realize this, but Twitter has whole accounts dedicated to adult actors and actresses. Instagram also has these accounts as well. But, in my opinion Twitter has really a whole "community" of these accounts all ranging from mild allusions to all out pornography. You may think that your child won't possibly do this. But most experts agree, that if you have a teenage boy that has a secure internet connection in his room, then he is almost certainly watching pornography. And social media just makes the possibility of being exposed to this side of the world that much more probable.

  • They could ruin their life with a lack of wisdom.

    One picture, comment, etc could ruin their potential careers. Being 15 myself (with 27k tweets) I know I have to monitor my tweets so I do not compromise my chances in sports or school. Personally I feel like 16 would be a good age for it, knowing myself how bad i was at 13/14. If anything there should be a separate area where kids of this age can interact. Maybe ban them from using potentially harmful words (Racist Slurs in particular), ban them from posting pictures, or something along those lines so that they do not get in trouble.

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