• Teens should be able to listen to any music they like.

    I do not believe that there is any evidence that listening to violent music or playing violent video games increases violence among teens. If you, as a parent, do not want your child to listen to certain types of music... that's fine. But I don't believe there should be a law prohibiting anyone from doing so.

  • Teens should not listen to music that advocates violence.

    Teens should not listen to music that advocates violence. Listening to music that advocates violence desensitizes children from violence, and with the growing epidemic of school shootings, gang shootings and all around gun violence from children, People really need to be careful of what kind of message kids are exposed to, whether it is through music, television or any other form of media.

  • teens listen to music

    They will be out to commit more.No, reducing the amount of juvenile offenders in prison will not lower crime rates, because the people will be more likely to out on the streets committing crime. Some people are always going to be predisposed to be unable to follow the law. These people should be disabled by being in jail, so that they cannot be out hurting other people.

  • It poisons their heads.

    No, teens should not listen to music that advocates violence, because it messes with their heads and it makes them think that violence is an appropriate way to react to the problems in their life. Teenagers are often angry, and do not know how to appropriately handle problems. Violence is not a helpful influence.

  • Only After Age 17

    Until a teenager becomes liberated or turns 18, it's up to the parents as to what kind of music kids listen to. Teens shouldn't listen to violent lyrics because it can lead to fights in school and arguments among their peers which, in turn, could lead to shooting deaths. How many rap lyrics talk about a fight between two people an a piece was pulled on someone in the heat of the argument? Violent lyrics tend to idolize such things, which can influence younger teenagers who are upset and depressed.

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