• Teens should have the ability to make their own choices.

    When a teen is forced into deciding about something, they tend to choose the side they are against in the end. And when a teen does that, they can gain an attitude toward making their own decisions and making their own choices. Being as simple as what they are wearing in the morning, to not as big but who they want to be around. Sometimes they do not mix with someone and they try to avoid them but then they are forced into.

  • Yes Teens should

    Teens are just as equal as adults, just because people are older does not make then better than others. Some adults are still very non mature and in some cases teens are more responsible and reliable than some of the adults in this world. I just wanted to answer this because this is an on going issue.

  • Its are freedom

    We didn’t know how to choose for ourselves, what would our world be like? People should have the right to make their own choices. People need to know how to choose for themselves, we need to know how to use our own self inflicted consequences and learn from them, and we will only learn from our mistakes if we make our own decisions about that choice we made. In The Giver, Jonas’s community they aren't allowed to choose for themselves. They can't choose their jobs, how many kids in their family, or where to go and what to do. We need to know how to choose for ourselves. Our decisions are our freedom
    Without chooses it would would never know what to do. Making choices makes us who we are and what people see us as. In the giver, he said, "The Committee of the Elders sought my advice,. It made sense to them too, but it was a new idea, and they came to me for wisdom.” (lowery 119). They could not decide on their own what they should do. They didn't know what to do, and had to go to someone else for knowledge and to choose for themselves.
    “Release is always like that? For people who break the rules three times?” (lowery 192) release is death in the giver they don't get to choose their consequence. Once they break the rules three times they can't go back and learn from them. In life with every decision we make there is a consequence, whether it's a good or bad consequence is up us. Since we make are own decisions in our life we don't have to make a mistake three times and get killed. Everyone makes a lot of bad decisions and mistakes, but we have the agency to make our own cosies with those.
    Some may think it is not smart and we shouldn't make our own decisions. People who make their own decisions can hurt people. Although in our world people might try to harm someone by mugging, killing or emotionally hurt someone, but what if they change. People would never know. They wouldn't have the agency to change. Taking away our decisions is taking away our freedom.

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  • Teens need to learn from their own, self-inflicted consequences.

    Controlling parents are always over my shoulder telling me, every single day, what I am doing wrong. Often times, I now tune out and completely disregard what my parents are "telling" me. I am very independent and only truly learn how to correct my mistakes when I have made the decisions by myself. Telling me what I can, or cannot do hinders my ability sometimes to do the right thing. For example, my parents tell me I cannot go out because I have been "bad" and they don't trust the people who's house I am going to. Well fine. Let me sneak out, have even more fun knowing I am defying you, and let our relationship drift farther apart. For many, the difference between good and bad choices reflects on whether or not it was our own choice to make in the first place. I apologize if this doesn't make too much sense, I just feel that parents need to calm down and let us decide our own futures.

  • Teens should make their own choices

    Teens should be equipped to make their own practical choices and forced to deal with the consequences of their choices good and bad. They should be given the tools to live life and be expected to function as contributing members of society. No more free passes because they are "just kids" or they "didn't know better." Educate and empower then there is no excuse for ignorance.

  • Yes, they should.

    My opinion may be very biased, but I probably won't be the only one. I'm 15 and I believe that teens should be allowed to make their own choices. Why? Because that's how we learn from mistakes. Some of us make really bad decisions and ruin it for the rest of us. Like those who decide to get knocked up, so some parents won't let their daughters date. If parents try to control teens, teens will only find a way to sneak around it or avoid it. When they are caught, the relationship between the parents and the teen is hurt. Trust is broken and the teen may be punished harshly. I think parents should not make their decisions for them, but be there for them when they do something stupid and let the teen realize what they did wrong. There are many adults who make decisions just as bad as ours, and I bet it is because their parents were controlling. So when they went off on their own they went wild. And believe it or not some of us are smart enough to make good choices. For example, there was an opportunity that I had to have sex when I was 14. No matter how bad I wanted to I chose not to because I had no idea if they had an STD and even if it was protected, condoms can break. I had and still have way too much stuff that I want to do for me to have to worry about a child. I know I am not the only teen who can make good decisions like that.

  • I lied teen should make there own choices.

    Teens aren't idiots, yes there brain is still developing, but they mainly know what is right and wrong. Just because they are younger than adults doesn't mean they don't have experience or know-how. And if you don't trust teens maybe let them make decisions so you can learn to trust them.

  • No, they should not.

    I am a teen and this world would be better if we were not allowed to choose dangerous things. I am just saying. Don't sue me because I have an honest opinion. I am not a hypocrite either because I am a teen. Thank you for reading this. Good day and God Bless.

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