• Yes it should

    18 is when you turn an adult and so that means that it is okay for you to drive a car. Why 16. It means you are still a kid. And kids should not get to drive. They will get more time for practice and be more mature at that age of 18. So they will be a better driver.

  • I'm a young adult, currently learning to drive...

    And I raise the question: Our society trusts us with a car -- a machine that could injure a lot of people -- at 17, but we cannot drink alcohol?
    I don't understand their rationale. I believe that if we cannot legally drink at 17, we shouldn't be able to handle a potential death-machine around people animals in a society where there are lots of people and animals; somebody' s going to get hurt.
    There should be consistency throughout out our legal system, and so drinking and driving should have the same age boundaries.

  • What about farming communities?

    I live in South Dakota so I have been driving legally since I was 14 but I've been driving things since I was about 8. We need to learn how to drive at a younger age so we can help work in the fields. And most people need to be driving by the time they are 18, not just start learning at 18.

  • Practice is never bad!

    If kids are taught responsibility at a very young age, they will likely become responsible teenagers. Crippling their ability to take their lives into to their own hands and respect others' safety is not right nor is it sound. Learning how to drive at eighteen would not be easier than learning at sixteen. And soon after turning eighteen, most people have acquire a greater need for driving. Without a license to drive oneself, kids will be less likely to drive anywhere and thus practice. Surely, no one wants to have problems with novice drivers that suddenly have a great need to go many places!

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