Should teens or their parents be fined if the teen is caught having sex?

Asked by: DaniPooLuv
  • 75% agree for more reasons then stated

    Its this fast past society we have now where a lot of teens are having sex. Not only that but their parents are openly satisfied with it. However what if there were some laws set in place that could change the mind set of teens having sex. Such as being fined for having sex, and the parents or teenager would pay, lets say about a $300 fine. How would it effect them or how would they even find out they were having sex.

  • If its with an ugly person then yes

    Everyone immediately thinks people shouldnt be fined for having sex, but they never considered fines for UGLY people having sex... If you have sex with someone much much uglier then you, then I think that a fine would be appropriate here since clearly that person has committed an abomination.... Fining people for having sex with ugly people could also prevent people from getting plastered drunk and maybe could even help balance the budget too.

    Should it be a crime to have sex with an ugly person? Yes. Because youre supposed to f*** up not f*** down.

  • Just common sense

    If the teen chooses to have sex, no one should be fined. But, if they are raped, the rapist should be fined. If it is between an older teen and a younger teen (14 and 17 for example) the older character should be fined. But if the younger one did persecution them to have sex, the child shod be fined, but little. Cause the older one did commit. If it's religious, it states in the bible they must be married. If it's rape, the rapist is suppose to give the father a gift and marry. (I do not agree with these two statements). If the parent did fail to protect their child, the parent should be fined. Big time.

  • No on should be fined.

    Sex is not illegal unless there is a significant age difference. To my knowledge a 16 year old can legally have sex with another 16 year old. Why should anyone be fined? They may not be making good decisions, but you can't make everything illegal. They just need a firm talking to, or a chastity belt.

  • Just another Tax Method

    We do not want more things taxed. It is another way to tax the poor. The rich could do what they liked as they could pay any fine. It is another method of control which we do not need. By taxing having sex the age could be can be changed to to make more money out of the public.

  • No, its normal that in the teen years they will have sex.

    It is expected that teens will do this, all parents can do is to teach them the importance of protection and possible outcomes. Unless its a situation were the parent set up that allow for this to happen, such as leaving the two teens in a close room and say they dont know the teens would have sex. In this instance the parents should be charged not the teens.

  • What is the result?

    What is a family supposed to do when their teenagers start having sex and suddenly they're going into debt? Sex and money should never be tied like this; it's a total violation of personal space and privacy.

    Furthermore, since a fine can be put in place for having sex, shouldn't a fine also apply for buying condoms, birth control, etc, since those things imply sexual activity?

    The only thing that's going to happen is this: teens will stop using birth control methods (something that they rarely do anyway due to lack of education on the subject) and they will become much more secretive about not getting caught. Sex will continue to happen, but more people will get hurt by it. This is a disastrous idea.

    Posted by: MC1R
  • That's just absurd.

    Punish teenagers for doing something that comes biologically natural to every-single-one-of-us? No, that's just silly. And furthermore, why should the parents have to be punished over it? If this ever were to become a law, it would be nothing more than just another government scam to take money from people. The best we can do is just educate them about it.

  • That's a pathetic idea.

    You can't be seriously suggesting that we punish teenagers for doing what they want to do, indeed what they're *designed* to do, when no-one is being harmed by their behavior? Or that parents also be punished simply for having a teenaged child with less-than-absolute self control? You simply cannot dictate an individuals personal decisions based on what you believe they *should* and should not be 'allowed' to do in their own private lives. Not only is it practically unenforceable, it's a total violation of basic human rights and privacy laws.

  • Why the hell would that be good?

    So essentially, people should be fined for doing what they want? Laws are rules for society, because to break them would have a detrimental effect. Example: Stealing. Stealing is bad because other people own them, thus there are laws around stealing and fining/punishing if people steal. But how would fining teenagers for the "crime" of having sex help in any way, shape or form? If it's legal when you're an adult, why should it be a crime when you're a teenager? Unless you're proposing that no sexual acts be done in society at all? Because if it's a crime as a teenager, then it should be a crime as an adult, since isn't that what laws applying to teenagers would be for? To make sure that they are ready to be an adult and will obey the rules? >.>

  • Consensual sex is not a crime.

    It seems quite fascist to want to fine people for engaging in a normal human activity. Particularly since I can't see many things more pointless than trying to stop teenagers from having sex. They always have, they always will- they are BUILT to have sex. It's how we evolved- to have the highest degree of sexual desire during peak fertility years.

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