Should teens over 13 be allowed to buy and play 'M' rated games?

Asked by: J_Michael234
  • It is fun for the children.

    The children don't like boring games or kid games like "The Gloden Compass" or "Pinball" . They want games with guns and play with friends on that game like "Call of Duty Black Ops 2".Everyday I hear children talk about rank and how good they are. Thats what the children want.

  • Let TEENS Play What They WANT!

    Most teens these days are looking for a rush in the online game world. All the games that they have for kids 13-15 are pretty tame. Video games were meant to be fun for the person playing them, not to bore them to sleep. Most teens who played violent video games found a good balance for their energy. As long as the know the difference between the real world and the virtual world, WHO GIVES A DAMN?!

  • I don't see why not.

    I don't see why you shouldn't, I'm pretty sure kids these days walk on a street and see people swearing and being violent. And that's just stupid, like it's not like you're playing a adult game, it's only a little language or a minimal amount of violence. And it wouldn't like ruin your life or anything, to be honest playing these kind of games would actually make you learn more about life. In my opinion I think it's good for people over or just under 13. Who would want to be 13 and be playing a game like 'my little pony' or 'spongebob' which would be under 'PG'? Playing games that are 'M' actually challenge your mind, they make you think what to do, when to do and how to do. Games like Skate 3 are fun to play and I don't see that ruining peoples lives or making them violent.

  • There are bigger things to worry about than video games.

    As a student, I can assure you that television, movies, family life, and peers have a larger impact on teenagers than video games do. A child going to school will more than likely see or hear more "curse-words" on a social networking website or at school than in a video game. They will also see more violence on television, where it can be accessed at any time in most households without limitations.

  • The right to choose, the right to your life

    While this might sound like some kid just wanting to play these games, this is not the case. I am 15, and i love these games like Bethesda Fallout, Borderlands, Arma, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, etc. The first game to change me was none of these, but was Medal of Honor Airborne, with the gripping cutscene where a man was run over by a tank, off screen though. I also had happened to have had a few run ins with the police, then I started playing these games. I binged them, and i acted better, haven't had a run in with the police, and do better in school. While I wont say correlation is causation(that's a logical fallacy), I will say the games help me cope when angry, and do not make me want to kill. That is my argument against violence. Now lets move onto language. I will say that I cuss a lot, but do I cuss "responsibly"? In short, yes; Only around my friends and when I do something like dropping a phone or getting hurt, and when that happens, it's under my breath. Now when did I start cussing? Around 7(yes, that include the f word), a whole 7 years before i started playing m games. Now it it possible that these games caused me to cuss more, yes, but it's much more likely that my environment(high school) has increased this. Next is sex, the bane of America. I'll be blunt, sex can create major changes in your life, from STD's to pregnancy, but did playing fallout or GTA(Never got into it though) make me a sex addict? Nope, I'm still a virgin. In fact, I started watching porn at 7(I wondered what it was like, started thinking I was cool and wanted to act like an adult, but yes, I still think before watching porn you should be able to tell that's not what sex is like, and the inherent risks of sex). I even played hentai games, but that didn't get me into having sex? So it possible that video games are the bane of society, yes, but it is more likely that video games are the scape goat of the media(that has died down though). I should also include drugs in this. High schools these days have drugs, and while some games make drugs seem cool, others show the effects of them, like with fallout NV(look at the fiends), and peer pressure is morel likely to make a kid take drugs than a game where the world is hell and people take drugs to escape from it. Taking these factors into account, we can assume that these evil evil m games are not so bad. Maybe we shouldn't just jump to conclusions because of the media.(if you see any flaws in my argument, please point them out for me)

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  • Im 17 and I have something to say

    Ok I am going to go ahead and agree with some of the people in the Yes camp: some games should be lowered while some kept out of reach. 13 year olds should have the right to play Halo, a game that is M-Rated for the sole purpose because it has "blood" in it. Games like Silent Hill or Resident Evil (the good ones) should definitely be kept out of reach. It all comes down to what we define as mature, and how much adults can trust us that we won't automatically become psycotic killers when we pick up a game. Games really need to stop being the scapegoat for stuff like that.

  • Yes they should be able to

    Teenagers such as 13 years or older should be able to okay M rated games because they will have to play it some time and they will eventually will play it yea sure it has blood and gore but when you let them watch movies don't they have swearing, sexual harassment, nudity, blood, violence, and even killing. Most games are M rated because of violence dosent the movie that you watch have violence. Another main two are language and blood which are all both in movies, tv shows, and even books.
    I don't let my kid play GTA because that is just stupid why would you let you kid play that!?!? I let my son play only battlefeild and call of duty. I have some conditions to letting them play a M rated game though such as: Good grades, and respect. No sighing just a good attitude overall.
    This is why I let my kid play M rated games

  • Teens need to have time to relax and let ou frustration

    The reason teens should play m rated games, is that some need time to relax and socialize with friends. I'm not saying that any teen should be able to play m-rated games, just the ones who for sure can handle it. I mean those people who go out and shoot people because of video games, are probably already insane before playing the game, and were probably NEVER really destined to live a normal life whatsoever in society. What I'm trying to say is teens should be able to play m rated games, but only if they are MATURE ( That's the rating) enough to handle the game without becoming a psychotic homicidal, bloodthirsty, killer. Plus putting so many limits on what teens can and cannot do, makes them want to these violent things anyways, and some teens find video games a soothing way to let out frustration, whereas they can do the things they want to do in real life (including the violent thoughts) in a game, whereas they won't have any frustration left in the real world, because they let it out within the game.

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  • Defeats the whole point of the rating system.

    The rating system exists to show which games are acceptable for which age groups. This is like asking why 13 year olds aren't allowed to buy tickets to R rated movies. Because that's the law, kids. While there is no good evidence that video games cause violence in children, that doesn't mean that we need to be exposing a 13 year old child to graphic violence, and glamorization of sex and drugs.

  • There are ''M'' rates for a reason!

    If a game is for mature, then it's for 18+. Who knows what could happen to a 14 year old if they play 18+ games! They could become losers in life! They could be come unsocial! They could become simply idiots! Protect your children parents! Don't let them be failures!

  • These games ruin peoples lives

    Kids these days have been focusing on video games and less on school. This can result in grades getting worse, students not going to college and job loss. If you play these games you can get addicted, and next thing you know you will be in your moms basement for the rest of your life. These games can also influence you to join the military, become a drug dealer or even shoot a random guy in the face. Basically what I'm saying is, these games are the opposite of good,.

  • Most M rated games are NOT for kids

    Sure, some games aren't as bad as others, but in general there are a lot more that have sex, intense violence and gore, and tons of swearing as well. Those people who say "it's mature rating means that it should be allowed if you're mature enough" do not quite realize that under 18 is still a kid, 17 is almost a bloody adult, that's why they put so much adult content into it

  • Say No to your kids

    The people who said no are right. Parents don't let kids play m rated games because they love their kids. If kids played these, they would have nightmares and say cuss words. Garbage in, Garbage out. Games are rated for reasons. The people who said yes are wrong. No M!

  • Kids should not be able to play rated M games if they are only 13!

    You shouldn't because first of all why would you play a rated M games if you are only thirteen. Even if they are really fun just because they are doesn't mean you should be able to play them. They have a rating on it for a reason no it should stay that way. This is why kids under the age of thirteen shouldn't be able to play or see rated m games.

  • There are not old enough

    Kids under 18 are still legally children. Most adults have been graduated and are legally responsible. Retailers should restrice the Teen rating (T) and ban sale to children Teen rated games to children under 13 as a 13 year-old is likely more educated than a 8 year-old child. Parents should be more aware about game content which would be appropriate to children.

  • No M For You

    Kids should not be able to purchase M rated games. They should only be able to get them if they get a parent to help them. Even though this happens, kids shouldn't get because when I play a Call of Duty game, I don't like hearing squeaky kids on their headsets. There is more games that they can play like Minecraft. That game supports a lot of entertainment and your imagination controls the game.

  • They're M rated for a reason.

    If a game is rated M, it is deemed by the ESRB to be inappropriate for younger audiences. EVEN with parent approval, a game is rated M for a reason. The amount of violence and other possible explicit content should not be exposed to teens. Mature is not a sixteen-year-old.

  • Not yet for kids

    The kids are not ready for those games, their brains aren't mature yet to handle it. They will learn what they're not supposed to and try it in real life. Some years ago, there was this TV show popularly called 'smack down' in my country. It's about wrestlers fighting each other, violence all over it. Because of that, vandalism in schools was increasing rapidly. Most of the reports said because the children were trying to wrestling like those smack down guys. So, it will mostly have the same effect with children who playing rated M games. Children tend to not know the dangerous or risk behind what they do.

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GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-24T17:16:04.563
No they shouldnt. It says on the box that it isnt recommended for them