Should Teens stay off their cellphones for at least 2-3 hours a day?

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  • Teens should stay off their cellphones for 2-3 hours

    Teens should stay off their cellphone for 2-3 hours because they spend so much time on them that some parents actually ground them or take them away because they are so angry with their child because their cellphones are a distraction to teens in their daily life, and they don't be as active if they don't have their phones taken away.

  • Missing out on life

    Not just teens -everyone should put away their mobile phone for some time each day. As i walk around the town i live in i see people who never put away their phone because they are always waiting for that REALLY IMPORTANT CALL when someone tells them " i just had an egg for breakfast" or some other earth shattering news. They travel on trains and never see the beautiful scenery that passes because they are too busy playing pointless games or reading pointless messages they miss the beauty of the real world. They walk around with a sad look on their face because no-one has called them for at least ten minutes and they feel unwanted and unloved. Yes mobile phones are useful but there are other things in life apart from them. Get a life phone freaks.

  • No phone = higher productivity

    I can't speak for everyone else out there, but I feel that I get a lot more work done if I don't use my phone. Like right now, I have finals coming up but I'm just on Facebook, chatting people on my phone, and I didn't do much so far. The only useful apps I have on my phone are google, safari, google chrome, quizlet, sat question of the day, translator, but those are it. The rest, which are like Facebook, Instagram, and all these games always distract me.

  • Teens should choose what they do with their time

    Most teens have distracting cellphones because of parents. Most teens do not buy these phones, and if they do, they don't pay for the plan. If parents were really concerned it would be as easy as buying a basic phone or not buying one at all. However, cellphones are not as distracting as people claim. For the most part, using a phone harms no one. When it comes to being on the road it's a different story, and we already have laws to enforce that.

    Go to any high school in the United States or around the world and from what I've seen every teen that plays a sport has a cellphone. Every social teen has a cell phone! Isn't it amazing. Before there were phones you still had unmotivated or not very social teens, and it goes farther than a piece of tech. The world is constantly shifting, things like school and the education system need to accommodate for a new world and new generations.

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