Should teens under 18 have more legal rights?

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  • Rights and responsibilities go together.

    Teens under 18 should have more legal rights.

    Unfortunately for them, rights and responsibilities go together.

    Teens under 18 should also be treated as adults by the legal and prison system.
    Teens under 18 should be working to help support themselves and their families.
    Teens under 18 who can not succeed in the artificial world of public school should be kicked out of school, and stop wasting everyone else's time and money. There are lots of low end jobs that need workers. If this is all they have the training and work ethic to accomplish, it is a beeter education than wasting school resources.

    I wish all our teens under 18 were so responsible that there was no question about treating them as full adults. As it is, society is afraid to give them rights, because we are unwilling to let them suffer the harsh results that would likely result.

  • Teens are Human Beings and deserve Human Rights

    Teens should have a right to say "No, Thank you. I do not want your help" to CPS. Teens should have a right to find an adult sponsor who agrees to house them, Or demonstrate that they have found a safe place to live and say "no, Thank you" to CPS. If CPS cannot show that the adult where the teen is living has a criminal background, Then they should not have the right to force the teen into CPS custody or monitoring. Imagine how much better service CPS would provide if they had to get teens to agree to their services, And if teens could just leave if they were not satisfied and take their funding with them to find their own housing. The entire budget of CPS would hinge on whether they could make their teen clients happy. Imagine how the world of foster children would change overnight! Teens should not have to live in facilities where they lock up the teens, And lock up the nail polish. They should live like what they are -- young adults, With liberty, Privacy and respect. Group foster homes should be more like assisted living arrangements, With less authority but more support. Teens should have a right to consent and REFUSE medical care. If these rights were put into place, Then the Justina Pelletier medical kidnapping would never have happened. Unless it's a life threatening emergency, If a teen doesn't want to spend the entire sixteenth year of her life in a mental asylum when she is not mentally ill, She should have a right to say "NO", And make it stick! There is no difference between a person who is 17 years and 364 days old, And a person who is 18 years old. It is an artificial distinction that make the difference between whether a person is a prisoner, Or if the person is free. That is wrong. It needs to stop.

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  • Yes they need freedom

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  • We have no say in our education

    I am 14 years old and in secondary school. Why on earth do we get no say in what we want to learn? I will never ever use the irish language and i hate it with a burning passion. Yet, I am still forced to do it even if im not even irish. Why? Its 14 years of education wasted. Its quite funny actually. Adults keep wondering why so many teens get anxiety or depression. Ill give you a hint, Half our day is occupied by something were forced to do with no say whatsoever for 14 years of our life. Sounds fun doesnt it?

  • We are pushing our children away

    I am fifteen years old and i am a girl and i am not allowed to have a gay relationship with a girl i would like to pursue a relationship with just because she is turning eight-teen and my family wants a restraining order that i dont agree with. Why is it wrong to have a relationship when its three years difference and we are both in high school. I just dont get it and its making my relationship with my family tense and my relationship with my girlfriend more tense because she could be charged as a sex offender for the rest of her life even though the relationship is consensual. It is just illegal in new york since we are three years apart and the age of consent is 17.Its just my family that is against
    us being together.

  • We shouldnt be bossed aroung at school

    At school i get bossed around all the time and i hate that i have no rights at school so that i cant do anything if i get in trouble. This is why we should have more rights so that we can get more things out of school and we dont have to worry about suspension.

  • Right to comprehensive sex education, parents should allow teens to have sex in their own homes.

    When you set boundaries that punish and confuse feelings, they become angry and resort to drugs and violence. Opposite sexes become enemies. 66% of households in The Netherlands allow their teens to have sex in their own homes, their abortion rate is 10x less, and their teen pregnancy rate is 8x less than the US. Their alcohol death rate is 4x lower than the US and murder rate is 5x less. Sex is natural, drugs are not. All the nordic countries are pretty similar too. 74% of households in Sweden allow teen sex, they have the lowest amount of smokers in Europe. Youth is the basis of society, you want to stop all these problems, it needs to be done from the ground up. Family ties are much stronger in countries that allow teen to have sex. They talk about their boyfriends and girlfriends with their parents like they are their peers including sex, which opens up many other conversations that don't involve sex. Here its, punishment, punishment, get the f* out of my house you're 18, gets a girl pregnant, joins the military, comes back and has to be a father. Or no this boy is bad for you because he has a libido. Both males and females have a libido. All this parental misinformation, thought and emotion control towards their teenagers is really ruining this country. When teens see each other more equally and don't see opposite sexes and enemies, then you get things like paternal leave like in Sweden. Stop hating, start loving!

  • Yes they should have more rights

    Even though some do bad things with there lives that is their choice to do whatever it is that they want to do. It doesn't matter if it is bad or good as long as they limit themselves and make sure they have more responsibilities to go along with the rights

  • Minors should have more rights

    We are treated as menaces to society and not as people. Teenagers in schools are treated as children and not given the proper respect we should. The rights we already have are rarely forced and if they are its usually the opinion of the adult over the teen. We are not treated as people in divorce courts and don't usually get asked what house we want to stay in.

  • They have too many rights as it is

    Teens now are getting into sex, drugs, and have already been custom to violence. What they need is to have boundaries instead of letting them make themselves regretful later in life. They have enough freedom, why need more? I see kids lighting up dubies behind schools and churches and some of them don't even attend school.

  • They have enough

    Minors need to be protected from themselves, they have enough rights as it is. While their freedom of choice is somewhat restricted, that's done with good reason, and it's to keep the stupid decisions that every teenager that has ever lived makes to a minimum and not harmful to them.

  • They already have too many

    Teens are still developing in many ways, it is not until the mid-twenties that the brain even reaches full maturation. Teens need protection and education and supervision to keep them safe while they learn the skills they need to be successful in life. Teens are not ready to make many of these decisions.

  • Why do they need more

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