• Yes It Should

    I believe alcohol manufacturers should be allowed to have television advertisements. I believe people are aware of what types and brands of alcohol are available and I do not think advertising will do much to change people's minds. We already have advertising for beer which in my opinion isn't much different.

  • I don't have a problem with it.

    I'm not certain where this question originates, as I live in the United States where alcohol manufacturers are allowed to advertise. Beer, wine, and hard liquor all make it to the airwaves here. I don't have a problem with it, and I don't think that it leads to greater instances of alcoholism.

  • It is legal

    Alcohol causes a lot of death in the world, of course, but, if cigarettes have taught people one thing, its that banning ads and or informing the public still can't get people to stop things completely. Alcohol also has such a cultural hold, and,, unlike cigarettes, actually has health benefits in moderation.

  • No, they prey on people's weakness

    People who want a drink will find it without help; they do
    not have to be encouraged. Social drinking, beer, wine or cocktails shared
    among friends does not increase with advertising, so it is not the advertisers’
    target. Instead, the target is the man sitting alone in front of the
    television, watching sports or an action movie. This man already drinks, and the
    object of the advertising is to make him drink more. These ads take advantage
    of people’s weakness. Though these advertising dollars support all the sports
    shows in America, they should not be allowed.

  • Alcohol manufacturers advertisement

    I think television advertisement should not be singling out alcohol manufacturers. They are a buisness just as the same as a car company or food company. They should have a balanced playing field. Also advertisement do not force people to drink their alcohol, it just informs them of what the manufacturers offer.

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