• Television licenses should be taxed for extra government revenue.

    In these times of economic uncertainty, it is necessary for the government to find new sources of revenue. It makes sense to tax holders of television licenses. Television companies make a lot of money from their services, and they are a good candidate for extra taxes. It's time for media companies to start pulling their weight.

  • Yes they should.

    TV licenses should be taxed for extra government revenue. TV companies make enough money, and it would be wise for the government to tax them some more. THis will help the goverment immensly as there is a ton of money to me made in that area and will help with the debt.

  • It's already a tax.

    I have a big problem with the way this is phrased. Assuming the asker isn't informed on the license issue -- it already is a government tax. You have to pay it, fines and prison can happen if you don't. So no, I don't think that we should start adding a tax to our taxes.

  • Prices Should Be Lowered

    I do not believe television licenses should be taxed for extra government revenue. I believe if television companies and station can, they should seek opportunities to cut costs to the consumers, not provide an extra buck to the government. Cable purchases are declining and new and different options are created all the time. If television wants to survive, it needs to become more competitive.

  • Free Market Economy

    Instead of television licenses, we should have a national sales tax that everyone pays at the same rate. When television stations pay for advertising, that can be taxed as a sales tax. When television stations pay for new equipment, that's sales tax revenue. When television stations pay for new studio equipment, more sales tax revenue comes in. We don't need taxes for television licenses, we need a national sales tax for everyone.

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