• I mostly use it for education

    I can't really speak for anyone else, as I believe everyone should make their own choice as how they want to view television. I mostly watch the news, and channels like the Science Channel. Then I watch some sports. Even my entertainment shows are more based on education. I like watching lawyer shows and political shows.

  • I agree that the primary goal of news programs is to entertain people.

    The audiences are pleased to see exciting and funny plans. After a long tiring day, Most people seek to relax and to amuse themselves. Therefore, They are less likely to see an educational program than feasting one.

    News programs, With educational purposes, Could not be demanded. Because informative and educational programs are less likely to be viewed, But entertaining programs are mostly addressed to all generations. People may not want to watch educational programs. People tend to discover new things while having a good time. Entertainment can help people to get rid of their stress. On the other hand, Entertaining news programs might involve lots of facilities that people take interests in. Still, Educational news programs are not appealed to all people and may have less effect on people to have their attention.

  • I think that the purpose of TV is for both education and entertainment.

    This is so because there are programs for strictly education and some for strictly entertainment. However most programs perform both functions whether they be news, reality TV or cartoons. For example on news one can be educated about current events and may also be entertained by celeb news or a funny video or even a really interesting finding. Reality shows also do both and cartoons. Therefore I strongly believe that TV serves for both education and entertainment equally.

  • Kids shows (especially preschool) for example

    People complain about kids shows, preschool shows mainly. Saying they should be for education. Wait television entertainment is illegal for children? They can only watch it to learn. The youngest can only watch to learn the alphabet and numbers.
    Also annoying saying that kids shows should also appeal to adults! Grow up

  • No I think television should primarily entertain.

    The vast majority of people watching television are watching it for entertainment reasons, I think overall if networks wish to be successful then they should be producing entertaining programs on their networks, I think educational programs are fine but the majority of people use other avenues such as schooling or the Internet if they wish to be educated.

  • It should primarily entertain.

    I think television should primarily entertain, but there should be more of a balance. I remember watching Carl Sagan as a kid, and being absolutely mesmerized by his Cosmos series. I think having programs like that on television is extremely important as well. But yes, it should be mostly entertainment.

  • It should be to entertain

    I think its just fine for both,but its primary source is to keep us happy. The children can learn from it, because I sure don't want to do the things they do. I hope that parents use it in the right way though. I think Barney and all its counterparts have their place, as does adult education channels.

  • Television is meant to entertain.

    Television exists to take people's minds off of their own lives, as a result of this television should primarily exist to entertain. The majority of people watch television to forget about their boring existances and escape for an hour or so. There are other forms of education and even educational programs, but all television does not need to educate.

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