Should television ratings take internet viewing into account when compiling its numbers?

  • Yes, Yes, Yes

    Lots Of Shows only shown in one country get watched by millions on the internet for example I live in England and I love NCIS so every single week I watch the last episode as I am sure millions of other people do, not just in England but in lots of other country's.

  • Yes, television ratings should take interent viewers into account.

    Yes television ratings should account for online viewers in order to provide the most accurate ratings. It is not secret that T.V viewing habits vary depending on the age and location of the viewer. Counting Internet viewers would be especially useful for shows that target younger audiences who are frequently turning to the Internet as their primary source of television.

  • Yes, television ratings should include internet viewing when compiling its numbers.

    Yes, television ratings should include internet viewing in the rating numbers they compile. Many people watch television shows on the internet. If these viewers are not taken into account when compiling rating numbers, the numbers will not be accurate. Accuracy in rating numbers is important when deciding which shows continue and which shows are cancelled. Accuracy is also important when determining advertising rates. Including internet viewing with traditional television viewing provides the most accurate count of how many people watch television programs.

  • T.V & Internet

    Agreed! T.V and Internet rating should count together, because there are people who would rather watch their computer than their television. Then you have people watching their favorite shows on different devices, it would also be fair to all of the TV shows that are out so they really know how many fans like their show. That is really how you would do a accurate rating. Count everything as a whole.

  • Internet is the new TV

    More and more people are watching television programming via the internet. To ignore this only leads to false statistics. if a large percentage of a show's audience watches on Hulu or on Amazon prime, only counting those that watch on traditional cable is flawed. More and more young people are watching their shows on their tablets, laptops, and even their phones.

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