• A clear voice

    We need more public figures who are prepared to voice what the silent majority feel but are afraid to speak out for fear of being branded racist by the facist liberal do gooders. It is not racist to want to protect the country you love from those that just take and do not intergrate.

  • Support Katie hopkin because she has a valid point

    She has a point because she cares deeply about "England" for english people. When is all of this going to stop? How long can the UK and Europe keep taking people for before the country is a ruined! It's already half way there. Enough is enough. No more immigration!!! This is why we should support Katie Hopkins. She's allowed to speak her mind.

  • TV viewers should support Katie Hopkins.

    I feel that television viewers should support Katie Hopkins without a doubt. She always has been the one to dig deep because she has a passion about her work. This type of reporting can not be said for other news outlets. This is why tv viewers should support Katie Hopkins.

  • Katie Hopkins may just be the dumbest person

    I do not know too much about Annabel Giles, but I can tell you that Katie Hopkins is an idiot. The truth is that Katie Hopkins believes that names of babies determines their outcome. To the point, she named her child India because she thought it would make her smarter and wealthier. She then turned around and said that kids names that are from states or countries are bad. The host told her that India was a place and she said that it wasn't. I guess Katie is a name that doesn't provide intelligence.

  • I think viewers should support Annabel Giles.

    The debates that have been going on for awhile with Katie Hopkins have met their match. New debates are to ensue with Annabel Giles. When these two clashed on tv, it was amazing how Katie had almost been left speechless. Annabel brings, I think, new opinions and insight to the table. I think we should listen to what Annabel has to say.

  • The answer is neither

    I understand that this is not an option, but neither one of these two people really need support. They both participated in catty behavior that makes women look bad. You can have a healthy debate without throwing insults that are meant to cause the most harm. Neither needs our support.

  • Katie Hopkins is just stirring things.

    I think viewers should support Annabel Giles. She speaks from a point of reason and her viewpoints are sensible and valid. Katie Hopkins just spouts extremist views, and everything she says is to provoke a response from the viewers. I do not even believe Katie Hopkins believes the things she says, and her views do not deserve support.

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