• Teslas are the Way of the Future

    First of all, Tesla is undoubtedly the smartest and safest car in existence. They broke the machine that tests their crushing ability. Source:

    As for why they are better, here are some reasons:
    - they are all-electric vehicles, meaning you save money and the environment
    - they have the highest safety rating out of every vehicle ever made (see above)
    - the safety features are incredible (for example, Teslas will slow you down and sometimes stop you if there is something in your path). They also have rear-view and frontal cameras to detect danger.
    - you have satisfaction in knowing you are not harming the planet.

    Electric vehicles are the way of the future. I am not sure what further proof I need. Did you know that only two people have been killed in a Tesla worldwide? Furthermore, none of these deaths were affiliated with a fault in technology; human error is to blame.

  • No, Tesla should not necessarily be more popular in the U.S.

    Tesla should not be more popular in the United States, because the automaker has not yet proven itself to American consumers. Americans want reliable cars to drive. Tesla has yet to prove that its electric cars can match traditional gas powered vehicles with the same reliability. Once Tesla ups its game and begins producing cars that Americans want, the company will become more popular in the United States.

  • No, Tesla does not have all features needed

    Tesla is the car that works on solar power and needs sunshine to be fully functional. Majority parts of USA don't have sunshine during winter which is also long in some areas. Even if there are other ways to power it, Tesla in mainly useful for short drives. It could be useful in cities but majority of cities have public transportation which is more easy due to lack of parking space. Tesla won't help with big car habits of americans too.

  • It's not cost effective.

    Tesla is way too expensive right now to gain popularity in the United States. It might be a vehicle for the rich, but middle class people cannot afford it. If Tesla wants to broaden their popularity and make more sales, they are going to have to start working on lower priced models.

  • Tesla should not be more popular

    Tesla should not be more popular than it currently is in the United States. The country had high priced automobiles that appealed to the wealthy. Although these are beneficial to the environment, only a select few can afford to buy the cars. Lately, there has been talk of making a more affordable car, but it is not here yet.

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