• Yes, she is only prolonging the inevitable.

    Teresa is only temporarily avoiding jail by not turning herself in. She appears to be pretending that it isn't happening, and the judge has been more than lenient in allowing her extra time with her family. Understandably she is finding going to jail very difficult to face, but she will need to go eventually and she may as well get it over and done with as soon as possible.

  • yes if course

    Just because she is famous and rich does not make her above the law. I think they should show a little leniency for people who do turn themselves in, but they should not be exempt from the same laws that we all have to abide by. That would be injustice.

  • Don't Dodge Law

    Teresa Guidice should not be dodging questions about her upcoming sentencing and she should have turned herself in if she was an honest person. This is why her designer wear and accessories will quickly become prison fashions. Maybe it will be a new fad for many of her beloved fans.

  • Celebrities committing crimes should be subject to the same laws as everyone.

    A suspicion of fraud is something that is usually pre-empted by a reasonable amount of physical evidence. When filing applications, a unique paper trail is created. Being more visible, as a celebrity, means that there are more people in view of said trail. It may ignorance or megalomania to assume that she would get away with it.

    The greatest actor in law prevention was thought to be diversion. If someone sees someone else caught and punished for a particular act, one is thought to consider the possibility of being caught as well. Her exposure works, in that effect.

    You can't really believe in a law, if you don't apply it to everyone. Anyone who commits fraud should accept the consequences when caught, regardless of social status.

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