• Andy T and Michael V getting impeached

    This is Anthony Mosqueda from San Gabriel High school. I think that Andy needs to get impeached and Michael V needs a big buzz. Mrs. G likes to roast Andy T and Michael V because they will be getting impeached in the year of 2019. Andy T and Michael V is a god

  • Andy To getting Impeached

    HE likes to be impeached because Donald Trump is in control of the whole world. Andy To will be in control of the world if he doesnt get impeached and he likes his water bottle flipped upside down during class because he likes to get impeached. Ms G likes to roast Andy To

  • Term Limits on legislative branch of United States government

    I totally support having term limits for the legislative branch. If we have term limits for the President of the United States, then we need to have term limits in Congress. We already have a term limit for President of the United States, so why not have term limits for the branch of government that makes the laws. Representatives should get the same number of term as a president and that is two four-year terms. Senators will get two six-year terms. The idea behind term limits, is that we do not want the government getting any bigger than it should. When Congress have way too much power, the government becomes corrupt, dishonest, and unconstitutional decisions can be made. The founders of the United States wanted to have a system of check and balances, so that no one branch of government could control everything. Term limits on the legislative branch are equally as important as the term limits on the President of the United States.

  • Yes, term limits should be enforced

    Term limits should be enforced on all branches of government, including the legislative branch. There should be limits to the number of terms a representative can serve and the length of terms should be decreased. There should also be a term limit put on the Supreme Court so it isn't just the same seven people making important decisions until they die.

  • Yes, I believe term limits should be enforced on the legislative branch of the Government.

    I think that term limits are a very good thing in Government, I feel that once a politian becomes entrenched in his position he starts to become corrupt or not doing the best job that he could because he knows that since he's so well known back in his district that he will be re-elected no matter what, I think term limits introduce new blood to the Government on a regular basis and change things up and that is a good thing.

  • Yes, there should be term limits enforced on the legislative branch of the government

    Term limits should be enforced on the legislative branch to lessen the impact that long years in office have on our government. Legislators would get very comfortable if there were no limits on the time they could spend in office, especially those with a lot of money to spend buying votes and campaigning. The legislature needs new blood infused into it every few years and needs less career politicians running the country.

  • Term limits only create bigger issues

    On this issue it took me a while before I came to a real conclusion. The truth is that term limits would be great for people if they saw their time as a legacy, but this is not true at all. If a politician, like our president, were to have term limits we might have a bunch of lame ducks. They will get elected that last term and sit back and wait till the end. At the very least, the current system reinforces to the politicians that they need to work to make sure that they get re-elected.

  • It Would Destroy Seniority

    Term limits is something that sounds good on paper, but it would not practically work in the real world. Committee assignments are figured out by seniority and by time served in office. If you took that away, committee assignments would be prone to favoritism, nepotism, and cronyism. It would mean less effective governance.

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