• Yes, blogging may help the patient pass on how cancer transformed their life.

    Yes, terminal cancer patient should blog their last days if that it what they wish to do. They might do it for themselves, to take the burden off and receive emotional relief. It may help to sort through their feelings. Also, it is a way for them to communicte to family, friends, and peers their thoughts and feelings; a possible way to say goodbye. I believe that other cancer patients build an online community, that may help them to cope and understand that they are not alone.

  • Terminal cancer patients should blog their last days

    Terminal cancer patients should be allowed to blog their last days. For many patients, and family and friends alike, it represents an appropriate coping mechanism, and a way to add some closure to the final days. If people are in any way offended, they are free to simply ignore such posts. Let the patient go on their own terms.

  • Cancer patients should blog their last days

    Terminal cancer patients know that they are on the brink of death, and will be leaving this world shortly. Because of this, cancer patients want to leave a record of their time on this earth for their friends and family to remember them by. Starting a blog is a great way to leave a digital record of your life behind after your death. Cancer patients or any other terminally ill patients should be encouraged to start a blog to document their life in posterity.

  • No, they should spend their last days wisely.

    Terminal cancer patients have very little left to life for except for family and friends. They should spend their time doing things they've always wanted to do (if possible), and treasuring those last moments with those they love. It's time that they will never get back, and possibly more importantly, that the people around them will never get back. It may seem noble to want to get your story out to the world, but I don't think it's the right thing to do at the expense of ignoring your loved ones.

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