Should terminally ill children be able to choose euthanasia?

Asked by: BblackkBbirdd
  • We should have a right to end suffering

    If someone wants their life to end their going to do it somehow so shouldnt we let it be painless and peaceful bu using euthanasia instead of the person cutting their wrists or hanging themselves as long as it is voulountary the yes it should be 100% totaly legal -levi

  • Enjoy your life.

    Starving children in Africa are not suicidal but still do whatever they can to survive. They work hard to survive; why should these children get the easy way out? Besides, life is great and if you can take the time and effort to realize this simple, beautiful fact, then you can enjoy it. Enjoy the little things in life :)

  • Children .Vs. Adults

    I do understand the arguments to support euthanasia for all people of any age, and perhaps I even agree with some of them. But when it comes to kids an teens, it's a totally different ballgame. There's always the chance of a medical breakthrough in time to save them. But also, having been a teenager myself, I know that youth can see problems as bigger than they are. A terminally ill patient with maybe 10 years to live shouldn't jump the gun to end their life when they still have a life left to live.

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