• Why is this a bigger deal for people than animals?

    When animals are old and in pain, we euthanize them for their own sake. What makes it so much more controversial for humans? Do we have no consideration for what physical pain others might go through? Or do we just suddenly think we're better than animals now?
    I'm against physician-assisted suicide for someone who's just depressed but physically healthy, though. There's therapy and consultation for that.

  • I think they should.

    It is their choice and it is their life. They are terminally ill so they will die anyway and if they choose this ,they can end their suffering earlier. Yes, it may be hard on their loved ones, but, at the end of the day, it is their decision. I think terminally ill patients have the right to a doctor assisted suicide.

  • I've watched animals die, slowly "naturally" and I have held cat as they get put to "sleep"

    A cat that goes from purring to kitty heaven gets a better exit than the cat who was 22 years old, pooing blood, refusing to eat but was allowed to die "naturally"... VERY SLOWLY.

    I want to see the end and take myself there and go as the purring kitties went

  • Bodily Autonomy .

    Just as we have the right to say no to some one who would like to use our body for their own purposes we also have the right to use our own body as we see fit, so long as it does not infringe on the autonomy of another. This includes the right to kill ourselves.

  • Put yourself in there shoes.

    Its easy for us(at least those of us with out a terminal illness)to sit here and say what they(terminally ill)should and shouldn't do.The bottom line is quality of life.And if someone has a debilitating terminal disorder,who are we to say they should suffer longer?It absolutley should be your right to die on your terms if the criteria is met .Limited time left, extreme pain and memory loss are all things that I'm sure can be unbearable to live with..I don't understand how people can be so stubborn on this topic?Just to clearify I'm not saying anybody that's miserable should have the right to die...I just think there are certain mental and physical limitations to your body and it shouldn't be up to anybody but you when those limitations have been reached.

    Posted by: rja7
  • The right to choose.

    If I was horribly sick or injured and there was no hope of a recovery, I would want to die. I do feel that safeguards should be put in place, but my answer is yes. Everyone, you need to have a living will set up for this reason. Random word filler.

  • Its selfish to keep them alive

    Its selfish of yourself to want the suffering to live. If someone is hurting and barely pushing through life who are we to decided if they live. Its their life not ours. We shouldn't make some one in pain live longer if they don't have the desire to live any more

  • Better than suffering

    You should have a choice in whether you die or not. It wouldn't be fair to keep someone who's in pain alive because it would hurt a lot more and could possibly encourage self-done suicide. If I was terminally ill i would want to die to end the suffering. Plus it would be better on the patients if they could end all their pain simply instead of doing it "Naturally." If we can put down animals when they are suffering without permission from them why can't we do it to people with permission. Just saying.

  • Its their life choice

    Terminally ill patients should be able to end there life when they want to. When they end there life yes it will be hard for the family but they will end the endless worries of when they will die. It will be painless so they wont feel anything. Terminally ill patients will die anyway so they will end there life earlier. That is why I think they should be able to end there life when they want to.

  • If your in pain you should be able to decide if you die.

    If someone is in so much pain they don't want to continue living then let them make their own choices. If there is no way of the patient getting better and they don't want to suffer then they should be able to decide if they die. Let them be able to pit themselves out of their misery.

  • What is right?

    We have freedom to our own body, but the "right" I see here is being officially agreed by the government to offer this right. Remember, we are living in a very real world. If the authorities ever make the action of assisted suicide legal, there would be bad consequences to the society.

    First, we do not know when is terminally ill. This will cause extreme arguments between the patients, patients' family and the doctors. Depressed patients will say that they are already terminally ill, despite the possibility that they might still get cured. New diseases often pop out from nowhere and doctors sometimes just cannot determine if the patient is terminally ill. Patients who cannot talk will not be able to express. Family members will blame doctors for killing their beloved. This could be something law will have to delegate more time and resources on. So, giving the right for assisted suicide WILL NOT SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE RESOURCES CONSUMPTION.

    One more thing is family members also have their rights on the patient's life to some extent. So a depressed terminally ill patient cannot simply end his life, as his existence might be a mental support to others as well. We cannot easily weight out which one is more rightful, the family members or the person himself or the government. The suicide of a person might CAUSE MORE SUFFERING TO THE PEOPLE LEFT BEHIND.

  • NO! This is wrong.

    Okay lets start by saying that the job of any doctor is to assist the patient recover from their illness. In the case that the disease that plagues the patient is terminal, the doctors job is to continue to assist to the very end and encourage the individual to live life to the fullest and to help ease the pain that the patient might be going through. Telling these doctors to aid in killing their patients is completely unethical. It completely contradicts the job and role of doctors and nurses. The doctor should encourage the patient to live out the rest of their lives doing things that they have always dreamed of doing but never did.

  • Heck No!!!!! Not At All!!!!!!

    They shouldn't because some person might miraculously come up with a cure. Or save them by funding their hospital. Also what if they were trying to stay alive and a family member says for them to die. I say no because killing people is morally wrong and bad for anyone

  • It's your life and only you feel

    Terminally ill patients are the ones who have to suffer and undergo whatever agony for the rest of their lives, thinking miserably about when they would die and not even knowing what to expect. Think of yourself as a person about to die, and are kept waiting for your death which you are told to expect I within 6 or so months. Imagine also what other pains and feelings you would have.

    And also even if dying sooner means leaving your loved ones sooner, you would have to face this anyway if you are terminally ill. Why suffer more pain and why create more stress miserably, just to make a difference of two or three weeks or months?
    Why would you be denied to do what you think is right for your life, especially when you are in agony every single second of your life?
    Why would people interfere for your life when u hate every bit of it?

    So I guess doctor-assisted suicide is a right for all terminally ill patients as you must decide for yourself at such a situation! :)

  • A life is a life.

    People should not be able to have that option. What if that person has a 10% chance of getting better and you just end their lives? THAT IS MURDER, The person could get better and live a couple more happy years, but if you kill them even if It is "professionally", it is still killing someone that could live!

  • It's not just the patient

    Suffering is a part of human life. Without pain, you will never know what happiness is. Sometimes, miracle cures are found that could potentially save someone's life- but there is no life to save if you've already killed the patient. In addition, not only is it wrong to end the patient's life, but think about the toll it will take on doctors, as well: imagine having to put people "out of their misery", as if they were dogs. It will desensitize people to the human life.

  • The correct answer

    The doctors should not be allowed to assist seriously ill patient with suicide because they will be killing these people. If a doctor helped ill patient with suicide is considered to be guilty of murder. Again. The doctors should not be allowed to assist seriously ill patient with suicide because they will be killing these people. If a doctor helped ill patient with suicide is considered to be guilty of murder.

  • Assist of suicide is wrong

    The patients might want to end the pain not their lives. Life is precious you should enjoy it not take it away. Its hard to see your love ones crying because you want to end your life. You should never take your life away . Its not fair to your family even the ones that care about you the most. We care the right treatment is all you need . Don't end your life you need it.

  • Of course not, but..

    We aren't in a position to grant people 'rights'. I am very much PRO assisted suicide and suicide in general, and I also have no problems with letting doctors assist with it. What I think we should be wary of is granting "terminally ill" (how can you ever know that with certainty) patient the RIGHT to have a doctor (other human being) kill them. In the end the truth is: You have no rights. None.

  • They should not

    There might be treatment and if not they could still live their lives with the people they love, And do something that they never done or try some they never try. If they died they will live this world and all of the possibility of them getting better, Or having something they will never get the chance to see or do again

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