• I will want the option

    As the people around me age (and die). I wish more and more that I could have the same humane way out and that I give my beloved pets. Part of me hopes that it won't really happen, that somehow, someway I won't have to die. Another part of me looks forward to an eternal sleep and knows that life has been stale for awhile now and it's time to make room for the next generation. The slow, horrible suffering in a bed unable to care for myself is far scarier than the thought of death itself. I've never tried psychedelic drugs or narcotics but they seem to make you feel pretty awesome. It would be nice to go out blissfully on drugs, like an old timey rock star.

  • People should have the right to die

    I believe that terminally ill people, just as any other person should have the right to die. The difficulty with terminally ill people, of course, is that they may not always have the capacity to understand or communicate their choices, which could create potential for abuse by doctors or caregivers. However, this still does not change the fundamental right that people should be able to decide whether or not they want to live.

  • Die With Dignity

    Terminally ill people have the right to die with dignity before their lives become a burden on anyone. Sometimes, medical science can't do enough to save someone's life. Pumping someone full of morphine so they can't feel pain at the end isn't the way to go. If a person wants to die without pain and without burdening anyone, they have the right to do so. It gives the dying a chance to say goodbye to everyone properly before death takes them.

  • To what end?

    To what end, there are terminally ill children, what if this terminally ill child is in foster care or mentally disable adult. No one knows when they are going to die, unless you are on death row walking to the death chamber! If you want to die, just kill yourself, sadly people do it everyday for various reasons. Why make such a huge political statement about it. No one should have to "help" you die, you should not visit your desires on someone who would like to live (without going to prison). I think you should have the right to take your own life, however, I don't think that you should involve anyone else (be it assisted suicide or jumping in front of a bus). I am not sure how the insurance should work in this particular situation, will it raise costs for people not wanting to kill themselves, will people start to kill themselves to leave money behind for struggling family. When will the issue stop, will it be only the terminally ill, what about the mentally ill, the depressed, how young is too young (will a 13 year old who is being bullied get the right to "die with dignity" as well), will the college campus rape victim get a standing ovation for taking her life. Who decides if a 16 year old has a terminal illness, what about an 8 year old who wants to die but the parents want them to live? It think if you live or die it should be your choice, but it does baffle me that one person will want to fight to the bitter end to beat the odds and defy medicine while another person thinks, I'll just beat death to it. This 29 year old young lady who plans on taking her life on November 1, 2014 in Oregon, I wonder if she's thought about if there is a cure discovered 10 days later? There are people living that are medical miracles and to those people I applaud you, for looking those medical professionals and specialists in the eye and saying "watch me beat this"! This is what should be celebrated, the precious gift of life!!!

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