• The Judge, The Jury, The Executioner!

    I submit to you this. The idea that because an individual has been "Accused of, and Arrested for" committing a crime. He or She is not guilty. Until an individual has been tried in a public court, and a jury of his or her peers has passed judgement, no rights are withheld with in that construct.At least that is so in the United States of America. Simply because you have been told that there are new terms being used to describe what kind of bad guy that said person is, which is semantics, that individual retains all the rights and liberties he or she has by birth.Any one that thinks it is in any way appropriate to pick and choose those rights has really missed the point of being an American.The rights that we so easily take for granted have been afforded us by generations of men and women that fought, bled, and ultimately died for those very rights to be honored.In other words, simply because we are bombarded by a relentless and steady stream of media that tries to "Imply" something else,it never diminishes the fact that we are a country that is founded and based on the fact that regardless of how much any one or group of people dislike you, or the acts that you are accused of.In order to maintain those very precious rights that have brought us through slavery,women's rights, and an assortment of other "better late than never" issues,we must demand, at all times, that what we demand for ourselves, we must demand for others.Otherwise we become the very thing so many men and women died trying to stop in WWII.We must always rely on this or we are the very hypocrisy so many of us banter around as being that which our country is not. Thank You

  • Of course they should

    If we stop treating the terrorists like humans and tell them that they have no rights then we are doing the exact same thing as a terrorist and taking rights away from people. Just as these terrorists have no right to judge if people live or die we also have no right to judge that one person is more deserving of a fair and just trial than another.

  • EVERY American's Right

    Yes, I know the Supreme Court made an exception for a terrorist. That was a serious mistake. Because if we do NOT give this man the rights owed him as an American citizen, the result will be that we add fuel to the fires of radicals around the world who will claim that we are not a true democracy after all.

  • Yes terror suspects should be read their Miranda rights.

    The United States of America (US) claims a moral right to protect human rights in countries all over the world. The US has sent military forces to numerous to protect their citizens from human rights abuses by their respective governments. Since we claim that moral right to protect human rights worldwide we cannot in good faith deny those same rights to a suspects arrested on US soil. We must read a terrorist suspect his Miranda rights.

  • Yes, terror suspects should be read Miranda rights.

    Everyone, even the scum of the earth, deserve to have their rights read. More so, if you don't read them their rights, then their case might be thrown out because of a loophole. If anything, you should handle a terrorist with kid gloves to make sure their are no mistakes made. Once you have them, you don't want to send them back to the public.

  • We Need Fair Trials

    I believe any authority that arrests and detains someone under the United States should read the person their Miranda rights. Terror suspects under their current terminology in the United States could be anyone, including United States citizens, therefore everyone should be granted the same rights to ensure that criminals are processed fairly.

  • Terror suspects should be read their rights.

    Yes, terror suspects could be terrorists. However, being a terrorist doesn't stop someone from being a person. In the United States, people have rights. These rights are considered inalienable. Were someone to suggest revoking someone's freedom of speech merely because he/she didn't like what that person was saying, they would be considered "unamerican," "unfair," and wrong. The US tries to ensure that citizens of other countries have rights, so why can't we treat people the same way on our ground?

  • It's An AMERICAN Right

    Miranda rights are rights read to American criminals, terrorists are not Americans. This isn't that hard to understand, terrorists aren't Americans, they do not have our rights I doubt that terrorists are going to go through immigration just to be arrested and be read their rights
    # Trump For Pres

  • It depends, really.

    This is actually a quite difficult situation. In some ways terrorists who were caught in America and sent to an American court should have a right to access the Miranda rights but also in some ways they should be denied the right. But if we are denying them the right, is it a violation of human rights anyway, regardless if they are terrorist who significantly damage the modern society such as the 9/11 and more recently, the bombing of Boston.

    But putting this in another side of mind, terrorists knew what they were doing. Jihads, suicide bombings and other kinds of terroristical attacks are all linked to the Islamic / Muslim faith. Once if a jihads kill themselves while killing many of others, this jihad would be granted an "express route" to their heaven with Allah. It is what they believe, so which means they knew what they were doing. In this case, it is the reason why Miranda rights should not be read out to them. Terrorists are terrorists, regardless of the situation.

  • No They do not deserve it.

    They do not deserve the right to get the Miranda Rights read to them. They terrorize the country. Since they terrorize the country and the Mirnda Rights are in the country then they are also terrorizing everything the US bleives in. They shouldnt be read it so Ya cya bye

  • Terrorist getting rights. This is bull crap

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