Should terrorist groups be banned from social networking sites?

  • Ban Terrorist Groups

    We would not have let Hitler post a giant ad for the Nazi party on the front pages of our newspapers. Our private corporations should NOT be a giant megaphone for terrorist groups-period! When any group makes a direct request for others to kill innocent people, it is wrong and needs to stop.

  • Yes, along with other hate language.

    Freedom of speech should not mean that any person is allowed to spew hate language all over the place, whether in person or in the online world. So any group that labels itself as terrorist through its rhetoric or slogans needs to be kept off of the basic social networking sites.

  • Terrorists should be in jail.

    This is a silly question. Of course terrorist groups should be banned from social networks. They should be banned from being free in the world. Terrorist groups should be imprisoned and punished for their crimes and they better not have access to facebook while they are in prison or jail.

  • Ban Terrorism From Social Media

    Without a doubt, terrorist groups should be banned from the most popular social networking sites. These groups deserve some level of freedom of speech, but there's no reason that they should be present on social media. Allowing them to troll these websites allows such groups to gain more followers and glorify themselves.

  • Well, who is considered a terrorist under the terrorist act so hold on a minute?

    I think terrorist keyword "Groups" should so as long as considerations of terrorist groups are closely reviewed and harm can be done or brewed... They need be banned this needs to be public review or vote if they are dangerous...

    So as long as there are terrorists groups online there will be people watching those groups. That is my opinion. Good luck to being a terrorist on the internet everybody will see what you do and probably find you haha...

  • Yes, And In Many Cases, They Already Are

    A lot of social networks already have provisions against hate speech or inciting violence in their terms of service. Many of those networks also vigorously enforce their terms of service, too. Anything it takes to curb murder and mayhem, while maintaining civil liberties, is important in curbing or ending terrorism.

    Posted by: rpr
  • It's not possible, but in theory, yes.

    I don't think there is any way to stop terrorists. They will always find a way to get on sites like Facebook, and they certainly have codes. I agree that they shouldn't be able to get on these sites and find out personal information that might be used to target innocent people, but there's really nothing we can do about it anyway.

  • I don't know if that is possible, but I think we should!

    I think that if they are covert enough, it is entirely possible that they can go passed whatever rules we create. I think that they could be able to still find a way to connect with each other. I don't even know if they would participate in terrorist acts that are orchestrated over a facebook or what have you.

  • One groups terrorist is another's patriot

    Whether something is good or bad in war, is usually written by the victor. Imagine if the American Revolution had social networking. They would have been considered terrorist enemies of the state. From the perspective of those designating others as terrorists, it gives them a way to monitor activities through social networking. No respectable terrorist group would use social networking for this reason.

  • Let Em Tell On Themselves

    I do not believe terrorist groups should be banned from using social networking sites. I don't believe a terrorist, who is an actual threat, would regularly use such platforms, because then they would be providing all of the information to the governments of the world. Banning them seems like a waste of time.

  • Terrorist Groups Should Not Be Banned.

    Terrorist groups became terrorists for the very reason that they have been banned from mainstream society. Allowing terrorist groups onto social networking sites would be a step in healing the wounds that the terrorists feel have been inflicted by them by society. In the spirit of Jesus Christ, terrorist should be allowed to join social networking sites and make friends online with non-terrorists as a way to re-enter normal society.

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