• Terrorists use our own media to terrify our people and create a climate of fear.

    The publicity that terrorist attacks get, and the dramatic, bloody, terrifying image that they create is repellent in its own right, using our own media to terrify our people and create a climate of fear. Furthermore, it serves to disrupt people’s daily lives by terrifying them away from certain activities (using public transport, air travel, travelling to certain countries, attending public meetings, etc.). This can also encourage a social backlash against ethnic, religious or political groups associated with the terrorists.

  • Yes, they should.

    Terrorists should be dealt with quietly and quickly. They should definitely not get the publicity given to them, because that delivers the message that they want to deliver. If they were just eliminated as soon as they act, they would be far less successful and they would get no notoriety.

  • Terrorist groups love attention

    I think most crazy people love attention. By showing these groups constantly blowing people and buildings up, it gives them more of a reason to continue doing it. We can't ignore them, but we could try some new tactics to keep the general public aware and safe. Instead of telling people what type of terrorist group it is, just tell people to be on the look out for suspicious activity. That way the terrorist group does not get any notoriety.

  • Yes, terrorists should not be publicized.

    I definitely think that terrorists should not be given too much publicity when they commit acts of terror. I think that giving them attention is something that only encourage more similar acts. The media should condemn the acts as well as the criminals without glamorizing them in any way or issue.

  • Definitely not. Here is why.

    The acts of brutality that these barbarians commit should be broadcast on a daily basis, that is the only way that the tamed liberals of the west will come to realize how much of a threat these people are. However, when their propaganda is broadcast it should be followed with a heavy barrage of criticism not only from our journalists, but from us, the public,

  • No, I don't think terrorists should be denied the publicity given to them due to their acts.

    I think that as long as the terrorist is not using the publicity to make threats against the United States and the people of the United States then we should not be denying the publicity given to them, most of America finds little sympathy for these people and wouldn't listen to anything the said anyway.

  • Media Should Report

    Suggesting that terrorists should be denied the publicity they receive from their terrorist acts, is no different than suggesting the media should be censored. For this simple reason, I am totally against the suggestions contained in this question. Flipping the ideas in the question is not going to make media censorship okay.

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