• I do think they should be hung

    I think those dirty sand niggers should hang in my driveway, I think hanging is as entertaining as a football game. Make some food and enjoy the jolt. I've taught my son the excitment behind hanging. My son would love to see one of them dirty 9/11 sand monkey fuckers hung by the neck

  • No I do not think they should be hung

    I think they should be interrogated and forced to live in prison for the rest of their life. Considering most terrorist think that dying for their cause if a divine way, I think making them suffer in prison is far worse and more appropriate punishment for them that way they have to deal with what they did.

  • Drawn and Quartered

    Terrorists should be drawn and quartered. It would be quite a beautiful spectical for people to see. It would help solidify our stance that we are against terrorists and that terrorists will be punished. We should have all terrorists drawn and quartered in front of a cheering crowd of onlookers.

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