• They should be subject.

    But at the same tme, why would they follow the Geneva Conventions anyway

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  • Because i have to say yes because i was assigned yes even though i think no is correct

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  • Yes, for propaganda purposes.

    Since terrorists can technically be considered prisoners of war (after all, they are waging war on us), then they should be subject to the Geneva Conventions. While they're not signatories to that document, by treating them better than they would have treated us it gives us a leg up in propaganda as well.

  • Not Even Terrorists Should Be Tortured

    I believe terrorists should be subject to the Geneva Conventions. The rules against torture were created based on what is okay and not okay to do to your enemy. Humanity, as far as the Geneva Conventions go, concluded that torture simply is not okay. While terrorist may have a different idea of what right and wrong is, it should not be reason for us to change our morality.

  • Terrorists Should Follow Geneva

    Without a doubt, Terrorists SHOULD follow the Geneva Conventions. These groups obviously won't follow such rules, though. They have shown a penchant for going against the Geneva Conventions and are willing to do anything to succeed in their goals. For that reason, we shouldn't expect such groups to follow these rules.

  • No they should not

    They will not follow it. What use is it if we follow it but they do not. They are not even part of a recognized country. Of course they are not subject to the Geneva convention. Its simple, they wont follow it so they will not get the protections of the Geneva convention

  • Terrorists Don't Deserve Geneva Conventions

    While we do follow the Geneva Conventions with regards to terrorists, these individuals don't follow those same rules with regards to us. Therefore, we should stop following the rules set forth by Geneva and treat terrorists in the same manner as they treat out soldiers and citizens. We shouldn't give them the advantage.

  • No, they do not represent a state.

    No, terrorists should not be subject to the Geneva Convention, because the provisions of the Geneva Conventions only apply when the state is a part of the Geneva convention. Terrorists are most often not state actors. The actions of their terrorist groups are not on behalf of any state government. Therefore, their actions are not covered by the Geneva convention.

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