Should terrorists be tortured to get information out of them?

  • Rack 'em up and splay 'em out.

    Terrorists have information. We need information. Most terrorists are also craven cowards. It's in our best interests to exploit their cowardice and fear of pain and suffering by torturing them until they tell us what we want to know, if they won't do so voluntarily. If they don't like it, well, there's an easy way to avoid being treated that way, it's called "not being a terrorist."

  • They should suffer

    They should all be tortured and if they don't talk killed painfully and slowly. They are the scum of the earth and sacrificing their freedoms and comfort for the safety of our nation and loved ones is definitely worth it. The real question that still relies is will the torture make them talk? Absolutely. I've looked at previous polls and all these liberals say that THEY would hate to be tortured. Muslims do believe in paradise after death, but not paradise after torture. They are not necessarily afraid of dying, but they will be afraid of being tortured. And as it happens, they will more than likely talk. If not, they obviously need a little fire under their ass.

  • Life and death situations may deem torture necessary

    Yes, in some instances, terrorists may need some motivation or be tortured in order to get information from them. If there is a life or death situation and the person is not cooperating then other steps may be in order to attain information. If the person is deemed a "terrorist" then most likely they were attempting to take the life of our citizens so he or she should be happy that they have not been executed.

  • An eye for an eye will make everyone blind.

    It is against the Bible and the Noble Qur'an and Jainism and who knows what other religions? It also is banned in the Eighth Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Instead of torturing a terrorist, lock them up, until they will agree to say the secret information. By the way, the Fifth Amendment grants them to keep their trap shut.

  • Doesn't work, think about it, here's a better solution

    These are people who believe that they will be rewarded in heaven. They're not afraid of a little pain.

    Those who do talk are likely to be have been innocent or weren't devoted terrorists but instead contracters with no ideological committment and so unlikely to know anything useful and so likely to make things up to stop the torture. Then we waste time chasing false intel.

    A better solution would be to have spies pretending to be inmates, establish a rapport, and get the terrorists to talk that way.

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