Should terrorists be treated like criminals and not enemy combatants?

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  • Terrorists should be treated like criminals, as they do not act under a national banner.

    Terrorists should be treated as criminals rather than as combatants. Terrorists as a whole do not operate in conjunction with each other. Though some do act in groups, the term terrorist can be applied to several distinct groups that have no affiliation. To treat them as an enemy is to treat them as an entity, which they are not. Rather, they are violent organized gangs of criminals, who when caught, should be tried under the court system as any other criminal would.

  • Yes, they chose their path.

    We must always draw a distinction between terrorists and enemy combatants. One group of people fight for their own country or beliefs, they do so with honor even if their beliefs are not ours. The other group of people deliberately target civilians with the intention of forcing those who don't believe as they do to live in fear. They have given up the right to the respect due to an honorable enemy.

  • No, terrorists should not be treated as criminals.

    Terrorists should not be treated as criminals instead of enemy combatants. An act of terrorism is an individual act of war on a country. It is meant to threaten and to intimidate the citizens of that country and there is generally a cause that is behind the act of terrorism. That cause is usually meant to cause even greater harm to the now weakened country.

  • Not at all

    True terrorists need to be treated like enemy combatants for the most part (primarily if we are at war with their country of association). Treating them like criminals means that they need to have miranda rights and a trial. We are at war still and we need to have the leway to do what we need to to stop terrorism.

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