• Not All Americans have the Right To Due Process.

    What kind of hate is created in people knowing that terrorists and criminals have the Right To Due Process but you don't. Without Due Process you will always be condemned on rumors and gossip. It is no longer true that all Americans have this right. All American's are entitled to this right.

    Posted by: glr
  • Yes, terrorists should have due process.

    Terrorists are bullies who often deny the people of the world due process. I do not condone their tactics or advocate their existence, but believe if we denied these people do process, we may be considered terrorists ourselves.
    Yesterday I advocated that fundamental human rights existed. Fundamental human rights would demand due process in order to have them removed.

  • Terror

    As much as I intensely hate and despise the acts of terrorism, yes- I do believe all people should have the right to due process. One cannot simply "know" for sure the people are involved ARE involved-and I think also, as horrible as the acts of terrorism are, it helps proffessionals to better understand the behavior, belief system, and help target/watch the kind of people who might try and inspire terrorism. Yes. Everyone deserves due process for many reasons.

  • Yes, Terrorists Should Have Due Process

    If a terrorist is tried for his/her crimes in a country and against a country where due process is already an established part of their legal system, then yes they should have due process. Some people would be quick to give that whole "eye for an eye" theory, but we must respect and uphold the laws of a great nation and we need to respect the legal process above all else. The greatest strength of the U.S. legal system is that no one is above or below it, and no exceptions should ever be made.

  • No, terrorists should not have due process

    Terrorism is an attack against the United States, and therefore captured terrorists should be treated as war prisoners, not as common criminals. They should be treated no worse than any other violent criminal in our system, but they do not deserve the same treatment as a US citizen receives in the court of law.

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