Should Tesla sales be banned in Texas because the cars do not use gasoline?

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  • No, Teslar sales should not be banned in Texas.

    I do not think that the sale of Tesla cars should be banned in Texas just because they do not use gasoline. I think that such a thing would be a great injustice to the market. People should have the choice to what they want to purchase regardless of issues like politics.

  • Let people choose.

    No, Tesla sales should not be banned in Texas because the cars do not use gasoline, because the government should not be deciding that they do not like Tesla's sale model. The people of Texas should be able to decide for themselves if they want to buy Tesla or not. The market should control.

  • Tesla should be subsidized in Texas

    A car that runs on electricity is good thing for the whole world, including Texas. The prospect of a car which runs on renewable energy is very appealing and is the kind of product that the world needs to combat both global warming and energy scarcity. If any lawmakers banned such a car they would definitely alienate the consumers in their district.

  • No,way are you kidding me

    You can't do something like that people have a right to keep the planet clean. There is no way anyone would actually even think this is even a debate. If it ever got passed the government would step in and fix the problem, its not right to ban electric cars.

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TheInterlang says2014-03-13T00:12:58.920
All the stupid laws in Texas... A state where it is still legal for schools to hit students with a cricket bat.

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