• Yes, it should be.

    As long as no one is harmed into doing this sort of research, then it should be used for genetic research. Science needs to make advancements in order to better life on earth, so any opportunity there is should be taken. Too many ethical debates hindering scientific advancements. It's sad.

  • Test tube baby DNA should be used for genetic research.

    Test tube babies' DNA is the same DNA as any other babies' DNA. The primary difference is that the test tube babies had to be formed and fostered in a lab and then implanted. They still have their parents' genes, though, and there is nothing unique about their actually DNA that should prevent them from being subjects of study.

  • It depends on what we are talking about.

    If this is a baby that is being created for the sole reason to do research on, then that is a bit creepy. I believe that stem cell research is very important, but that it could be done in a way where we won't have to essentially be "growing" humans for the sake of research. Perhaps nonviable fetuses and miscarried and aborted fetuses could be donated for use.

  • Don't use babies for research

    Test tube babies DNA should not be used for genetic research. This could lead to the government doing research using more questionable tactics so it is best not to begin. Any baby's DNA is precious and does not need to be granted to the government to do research for any purpose.

  • not at all

    No, the DNA of test tube babies should not be used for genetic research. I think that if you are going to use babies to do research on their genes, it should come from all babies not just ones that were born from a test tube in a lab somewhere.

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