• Donald trump poem

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  • Tests should be banned.

    Tests are a very pointless way of seeing what you have learned. Tests are mostly about memorizing things, which you forget after taking it anyways so why bother trying to remember it? It also adds a lot of additional stress and anxiety, which nobody should have to feel just for the sake of their grade. Lastly, tests don't determine that you have learned and mastered something. There are many people who have encountered knowing everything they need to know, but when it comes to a test, they get anxiety and nervousness, which makes them do worse because they are worried about their grade. Overall, tests should not be used because if doesn't help see progress and it's much more additional and pointless stress.

  • Tests should be banned in schools

    Why should tests be banned in schools? Tests should be banned because most students stay up all night to study because they want to get good grades. If we didn't have tests, more students wouldn't have to stay up most of the night studying for test. Another reason why test should be banned is because it puts alot of stress on kids because some kids have negative attuide so they think they will get bad grades, if we didn't have tests then kids with negative attuides they won't have to think about failing the tests.

  • It wastes paper

    Most schools give out standardized tests on paper that have about 40 pages in them. So many trees may have been cut down in order to print out these tests. Do you value nature and your health or rather a kid taking a test that he/she will probably forget in the next couple of days?

  • Waste of time and energy

    Students only study for a test and after taking it, they forget everything they learned. Also, tests are about memories, if you have a good one then you will probably be able to recall the info you studies and do great on a test and if you don't, then you are screwed! They are useless and unfair and they do not determine anyone's IQ or "progress" they just cause unnecessary stress and anxiety

  • Test should be banned

    In my own opinion students should only get quizzes, maybe only two a semester. It can create so much stress on a student, most students struggle with what is called test anxiety. Meaning a straight A student could be doing great on homework/classwork but fail a test because of the stress thrown on them. There is an 82% rate of students failing Algebra tests. Standardized testing is actually hurting American Schools.

  • T ests should be banmned

    Children are told 'you are not clever' if you do not remember the correct equations, if you do not remember what molecules make up compounds or why the presidencies of American presidents changed the Vietnam War. We are not measured on intellect; we are measured on memory.

    Why should a student who turns up every lesson, excited to learn, with an IQ higher than most, get a lower grade than a student who studies a week before the exam and passes with a high grade? It is not fair to determine a 16 year old for life on a one hour exam.

    You could say that 'if you didn't understand it in the exam, you will never pass' but can you remember how many atoms make up a sodium atom, or how to find out x using the cosine rule? I doubt it.

    Your grade should be determined on your effort, your cleverness and your enthusiasm to learn.

    My friend is an A* student in Maths, however if I were to ask her right now to find the missing side of a triangle using the sine rule she could not do it. However, give her time to revise it and hand her an exam, she could do it within a minute. This clearly demonstrates that exams are unfair and all they do is segregate the students into good memory and bad memory, not who is smarter.

  • I think that tests should be banned from school because if teachers can't teach us the amount they need don't put it in a test.

    Because if teachers and staff think that most students should be getting a test most weeks then kids should have the right to have an opinion on weather they should or should not, in my school we takes test every week, and all the kids don't like it at all, That's why tests should be banned from all schools.

  • Yes! They should be banned!

    The inventor of standardized testing, Fredrick J. Kelly, stated " these tests are to crude to be used." Which in other words, the tests are too harsh and shouldn't be used during school systems. Judging a student based on test scores is the same thing as judging a farmer on it's crop, not appointing any droughts, freezes, or disease.

  • They waste our time

    • It is a waste of time because most of the stuff in tests we already know and in that time the teacher could be teaching us something new 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 they should be banned

  • I don't exactly think so.

    I personally hate tests. I really don't like them. However, Tests are a simple way for teachers and professors to see what you have learned. You have to study to do good on a test. Studying helps you remember your subjects. Yes, It's stressful. Again, I really don't like tests. Even my teacher put stuff on there that we didn't even learn. Here's the conclusion: Tests should stay because they can tell teachers to see what students have learned, What they need to work on, And it will help the students reflect on their work and see what they might have to work on.

  • Tests should not be banned!

    Although tests can be stressful when students take them, The tests should not be banned. They require studying in order to get a good score on the test. Therefore, The studying will teach students how to study for future tests that come up in their life as it is being done. Do not ban tests.

  • We shouldn't ban tests

    Because tests can show what you are good at and what you are not good at. Also teachers would know your levels. In addition, Tests are fun and exciting. People say that tests make us very difficult but it is very good very our parents and teachers to know more things about you.

  • Tests are important

    I, As a student in year 9, Prefer being tested regularly. This helps me understand what level I am working at and helps me know what i need to improve on. Also preparing for tests is great practice ready for exams in higher years. I find when i revise for tests i perform better and have time to develop my revision techniques.

  • Tests make students study

    Some students does not listen to teachers, and tests will make them study for a good score. It can be stressful for students to study, but because they studied, he or she will get a good score and will make them proud. Tests should not be banned at schools because of this.

  • State Tests Should Get Banned

    State tests should get banned because kids are getting so worried about passing the test and going on to the next grade and getting all of the questions answered correctly. The more they get scared and worried they can actually get so caught up and get some of the easy questions wrong.

  • State Test Rules

    State test should not be banned because it would make you know how good you study and to see if you pass and go to another grade so you could learn more and learn new things so state test should not be banned they help us be better students State test rules.

  • Debate class 1

    No it should not be banned i am only doing this to see if the negative side goes up at all and cant think of anything to say i have 20 words needed now i have 17 words need and i
    really have anything else to say anymore so goodbye.

  • Yes test yay

    I say no because how are the teachers going to know what you know and what they need to learn.They can also find out about your knowledge so you don't get frustrated when they reteach you the same subject.We should also take test because if you get a high score then you can maybe get that on your record.

  • TESTS SHOULD NOT BE BANNED: Sean Ting 10 Year Old says his opinions.

    It helps the teacher know what u have problem with and how you are doing in school. The teacher knows what your score is. The teacher could know who does the best in the class and who does the worst. They could reward the people who did well some prize and they could motivate the people who don't do well to study because they would get prizes. In my opinion, we should save tests.

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Aizat says2018-04-19T10:49:07.937
Better don’t. Test can be the point sobthe teachers know whether the students understand or not the subject they have learn.