Should Texas law require abortion providers to gain admitting privileges at local hospitals and restrict the use of pregnancy-ending drugs?

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  • No, this is just a way to regulate and do away with abortion.

    Many health procedures are done in clinics where there is no admitting privilege hospital near by for the attending doctor. This is just a way to see that many fewer women have access to this procedure. And restricting the use of medications that can do the job just shows how little care there is for women's issues.

  • Doctors are allowed to practice from offices.

    Doctors practice medicine from offices every day. While it is a good idea for doctors to be able to admit people getting abortions at the hospital in case of an emergency, and it would be wise to do so, they shouldn't be required to unless all doctors are required to. Pregnancy-ending drugs are faster, and in some cases safer, than other methods of abortion. They should really be the preference. Rather than allowing the fetus to develop longer, and more invasive procedures to be preformed, people could use pregnancy-ending drugs.

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